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5 easy suggestions to prevent tooth discoloration by Dental care Montebello

Everyone wants their teeth to be white and unstained. If your teeth are white, you exude confidence from the inside. Unfortunately, the items you eat and the habits you practice could gradually make your smile less bright. What could you do to prevent dental stains in such circumstances? In this editorial, a Dental care Montebello provides you with five straightforward tips to have whiter teeth.

Avoid tobacco use.

One of the worst things anyone can do to their oral health is to smoke or chew tobacco. According to multiple studies from Dentist Montebello, smoking increases your chance of developing gum disease, increases the risk of developing oral cancer, and prevents your gums and enamel from recovering naturally. A few weeks of smoke can make your teeth yellow from a cosmetic standpoint, and a long period of smoking can turn them brown. If you smoke and you don’t like the way your smile appears, then visit a doctor immediately away to find out how to stop.

Foods that are notorious to discolour teeth should be avoided.

But over time, a lot of the foods we consume on a regular basis can stain our enamel. To keep the teeth white, stay as far away from coffee, tea, black berries, oyster sauce, as well as red wine as you can. The majority of these meals and drinks have properties that can discolour your teeth and destroy the enamel surface. There is a simple approach, though, that enables you to sometimes enjoy a bottle of red wine while still keeping your teeth healthy. If you’re drinking wine, pair it with cheese! Cheese helps to counteract the acidity of the wine, creating a protective natural barrier between the teeth and chromogens.

Eat Foods that Protect Your Teeth

While avoiding staining foods and drinks, substitutes that protect your teeth can be used in their stead. Apples, cabbage, and carrots are examples of crisp, water-rich foods that promote saliva production while you chew. Saliva works to neutralize acids that may erode your dental enamel as well as make the teeth more susceptible to stains. Strawberries generate malic acid, a biological inhibitor that works to remove discoloration first from the surface of your teeth, despite the fact that you may believe that their vivid red hue would tarnish your teeth. Yogurt and perhaps other dairy items as per Dentistry in Montebello provide calcium, which strengthens teeth while also balancing the pH in the mouth to lessen acidity that can cause stains.


To sum up, if you follow these 5 suggestions and see your dentist often, you can keep your smile bright as well as white for a very long time.

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