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Get Cured With Umbilical Hernia Surgery

When a particular part of the baby’s intestine especially the belly button section swelled suddenly, it means the baby is attacked by an umbilical hernia. Mostly, umbilical hernia is usual and benign. This is a very general problem for babies. However, adults are sometimes affected by it.

Children are often crying out of bulging bellybutton issues. Sometimes children’s umbilical hernia cannot express even up to the age of 4 or 5. If your baby has such symptoms don’t be delayed and contact a pediatric surgeon in Siliguri. Umbilical hernia in adult age may require surgery.


A soft bulge is created near the belly button. For infants, umbilical hernia stands out while the baby is crying or coughing. However, babies feel no pain because of an umbilical hernia. For an adult person, this issue creates abdominal pain.


In the pregnancy period, an umbilical cord comes out from the baby’s intestinal muscles. Generally, after childbirth, the opening cord is closed. When the opening cord cannot be merged in the intestinal wall umbilical hernia may be faced even in childhood or the aftermath period.


By physical test umbilical hernia can be diagnosed. For complicated cases, ultrasound and CT scans may require.


Infants from the age of 1 to the umbilical hernia cannot be expressed. During a physical test, a child doctor may push the belly to find out the swelling part of the naval. Moreover, parents cannot try this on their own. Don’t string the bulging part of your abdomen by any coins or other things. It may cause infection.

Here is some condition while surgery is necessary for an infant’s umbilical hernia:

  • Swelling of belly button
  • The bulge portion is larger than 1 to 2 cm
  • The bulge cannot retreat even at the age of 5
  • The size of the bulge cannot be decreased even after time passed.
  • It choked the abdomen.

If the umbilical hernia gets bigger and swelling much, doctors are then advised for surgery to avoid further complications. During surgery, a small opening is created close to the belly button.

The herniated tissue comes out in the intestinal hollow space. Then the opening section of the intestinal wall is closed by a stitch. Doctors are netting the abdominal hole when the patient is an adult.

Risk and complication

An umbilical hernia is ordinary for advanced and weighted babies. Obesity and several times pregnancies often cause an umbilical hernia in adult women.

An infant’s umbilical hernia is less complicated. While the peeked umbilical tissue choked and cannot push back the intestinal hollow space, complications then appeared.

Blood circulation is interrupted in the choked part of the abdomen and as a result, the abdominal pain has started. The tissues in this section may be damaged in this concern.

Whether the blood circulation is completely ceased in that section for more than times, the tissues are completely damaged then. Infection may be spread out through the whole intestine.

As a result, the patient’s life becomes in danger. If you notice or understand any abnormalities surrounding the naval part of your child’s abdomen consult a pediatric surgeon in Siliguri at once.

List out all the symptoms that your baby has had, capture an image and consult a healthcare person with this issue immediately. Don’t put the issue off.

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