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Do expats in China need health insurance?

This is a crucial question a person shall ask him or herself, primarily depending on how much risks they are willing to take in case of being uninsured as well as what costs might be should you face health insurance and be required to carry medical expenses out of pocket for medical treatments. Foreigners and expats who live in China for more than 6 months are required to get a health insurance. However, because of the language barrier, it is difficult for them to find a good one. Many of those who live in China for less than 6 months do not have to get a health insurance, but they need to get their medical check-up and vaccinations before they go in order to qualify for certain visas that will be necessary before entering China.

The health insurance market in China is very competitive and there are many local and international companies providing health insurance for expats in China (https://chinaaccesshealth.com/) so it is crucial that you and your family can find the most adequate insurance protection against risks associated with health. It would be difficult for foreigners to compare all the plans offered by these companies and find the best one that suits their needs especially without a local agent and Mandarin-speaking people.

The best way for expats and foreigners to avoid problems with health insurance in China is to pay for it out of their own pocket instead of using a travel medical insurance policy. This option costs more but it is worth the peace of mind knowing that they are fully covered. An even better option would be to buy a good health insurance plans to cover medical bills, luckily there is a lot of English speaking brokers who can guide you through the plans and options available on the market and ensure you get best access to healthcare for expats in China. On top of that, since 2005 there has been an increasing number of international insurance companies entering local market, so we might be seeing some giant companies like Allianz, Bupa and even AXA offering plans here for both local residents and expats. Needless to say, servicing with those companies will be very adequate and you can navigate through purchasing process entirely in English as most of them have consultants that are bilingual.

Before you start you need however understand how level of cover you need. As there are so many insurance options available on the market, the more specific list of requirements you can provide to your sales agent or an intermediary the more precise options that can provide you. Questions to ask yourself before shopping for health insurance can be some of the following:

  1. Do you need insurance only for major medical inpatient or together with regular outpatient things such as consultations with GP or family doctor?
  2. How about extra bits such as dental or preventative care that is also known as wellness?
  3. Do you travel often and thus will need a global insurance protection or coverage in China only will be enough that you can supplement with travel insurance at the times when going abroad?

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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