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Different Types Of Detached ADUs In Los Angeles

Detached ADU is completely a separate dwelling unit that you can build on your property. As the name suggests, it is detached from the main residential unit. This house is eligible for one bedroom, a living space, one kitchen unit, and one bathroom. This place can be an ideal home for your parents where they can stay comfortably with all amenities available. Moreover, you can rent this place to tenants for some extra income if there are no elder members in your family.

You can build an ADU with a maximum of 1200 square feet area. However, you have to abide by the ADU rules and regulations so that it won’t create any hassle in the future. If your property is really big then you can build this type of ADU to generate more space for your house. Your caretakers can also live there without any hassles.

Visit https://www.adubuildersca.com/ to more about the detached ADUs and the rules to follow while building the same on your property. So, let us know about the different types of detached ADUs that you can build on your property in Los Angeles.

Standard ADU

A standard ADU is a separate living area on your property that consists of a kitchen, an entrance, a bedroom, and a bathroom of its own. You can attach this unit to the main residential unit typically in the basement, or detached from the main building. You can build a standard ADU within 18 months. However, preparing architectural plans and obtaining permits can take a lot of time if you do not hire a professional to carry out this project.

Garage Conversion

If you do not use your garage to park your vehicle, then you can convert this space into an ADU, which will also save a lot of garden space on your property. You can clear the space by removing everything in your garage to a storage unit. This way you can make space for building an ADU unit there. This type of ADU is suitable for areas where the density of population is high. In such areas, there is a shortage of housing and hence limited space is available on your property. So, if you want to build an ADU on your property with limited space, then you can go with this option. You can build a garage conversion ADU in both attached and detached garages.

Backyard ADU

If your property is big and you have a spacious backyard area, then you should not waste this space. You can build a backyard ADU in this area that will help provide additional accommodation to the elderly members or growing children of your home. This unit can provide privacy and independence if your children want to move into this unit. Moreover, this unit can be used as a study unit if your children want to prepare themselves for the coming exam. Moreover, your guests can stay in this unit if they visit your place to spend their holidays with you

Detached Junior ADU

Detached JADU is a small size ADU that is perfect for smaller accommodations. This type of accommodation helps increase the value of your home and are typically built on an area of 500 square feet. If you have limited space available in your home, you can build a detached Junior ADU to resolve the space issues in your home. This unit requires a separate entrance, an efficient kitchen, and sanitation facilities. JADU does not require parking. However, the owner should reside in the main residential unit to build this type of ADU on the property.

Detached Granny Flat

This is a fully detached elderly accommodation where the elderly members can stay comfortably without compromising their privacy. This unit is a separate dwelling unit and consists of its own entrance, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and living area. Basically, this unit serves a granny flat where your caretakers or the elderly members of you home can stay.

Detached Home Office

This type of ADU can be built by converting the garage area into a backyard home office. If you are working from home or running a home-based business, you will require an additional space for this. So, you can convert your garage into an office room to resolve this issue.

Detached rental house

If you want to earn extra income, you can build a detached ADU on your property to rent it to the tenants. However, this type of accommodation does require the owner to stay on the main unit; failing which the homeowner cannot rent an ADU to the tenants.


If you want to add value to your home then ADU can be a great idea. This can solve the space problem and provide you with an extra dwelling unit. You can use this place as your home office or workshop if you are working from home or running a business from home. if you are confused about how to plan your ADU unit then you can contact our professionals to get their help.

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