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Medical application development features and why it is so popular

Modern business is highly dependent on the success of its healthcare application. It should have excellent and fast service that is convenient for both workers and clients.

Moon Technolabs can create healthcare apps that grow your business and take your services to another level. Our team of professional developers creates healthcare app ideas and develops them to help doctors, patients, administrators, etc. in the shortest possible time.

What are medical apps for?

Mobile app development for healthcare is very popular these days. It’s not strange or strange – there is too much information in most diagnostic and treatment centers. Clients’ demands are more selective as everyone tries to get as much information as possible about medical services.

Each customer pays attention to the level of all consultations, diagnoses and treatment services. In order to continue to work, it is crucial to be at the top of the field. Too many businesses do the same things as you, but few pay attention to actual service. Especially when it comes to health issues – your clients need to feel safe. In addition, everyone is careful about time and career, so no one wants to spend the whole day in line. And we all know that all adults use mobile devices in which they have a lot of software to make their lives easier. So why can’t the healthcare app do the same? It is convenient, practical and effective.

The innovative solution will help every doctor and other medical staff to establish closer cooperation with new and existing customers. To track their progress, make sure they have an appointment and know everything they need to know about them. When a patient has a request, loyalty grows and they are more likely to seek further consultation or treatment.

A custom medical application with all necessary functions is an essential attribute of a solid medical organization. When your future client sees your healthcare app ideas in a healthcare app, you will have a customer who is grateful for your tender loving care. All innovative and advanced subjects of medical activity today pay a lot of attention to IT technologies. At relatively low costs, the effect of implementing such solutions in practice is impressive. The client base is growing rapidly, new opportunities for targeted advertising are opening up, and the loyalty of casual and regular customers is increasing.

Medical app development should take care of all the necessary ideas and features that should be in the solution, such as:

  • Getting complete information about the clinic, and learning about all the benefits of the services offered.
  • Getting to know the doctors and understanding their expertise.
  • Getting to know all the unique procedures that other institutions no longer offer.
  • Check the price list of services.
  • Make an appointment online or contact an expert for a free consultation.

The market offers thousands of solutions for the automation of healthcare and healthcare services, but not all of them will “survive” on the market. The reason is simple: some of them were created in isolation from the needs of users. The product should solve a real problem, not an imaginary one. This is a basic condition for the development of healthcare applications.

Healthcare mobile application development services

Healthcare app development is a multi-step process that is carried out by skilled and experienced developers. The entire process of creating a software product takes place in accordance with regulations that ensure reliability, working speed and a friendly interface. When we provide you with healthcare mobile app development services, we constantly ask you questions about your organization to make sure your client understands everything.

When creating basic functionality, we focus on the target audience. And we understand that the same product will look different to doctors and patients. It’s important to keep in mind that there can be more than one task when building healthcare apps.

We can develop any healthcare application for any purpose. Depending on the target group, the client gets exactly the functionality he wants to see on the mobile device.

We develop software for healthcare organizations of any profile. It can be a therapeutic or surgical dispensary, a cosmetic or dental dispensary, a manual therapy center and much more. Regardless of the specialization of the medical company, we will offer the optimal solution that will bring new business heights in the field of healthcare.

Our developers create healthcare apps for all types of mobile devices. Most people use Android devices and less people have iOS. But we make products for both because there are no pros and cons to either – just personal preference. This will allow you to reach the majority of your target audience.

We use the following technology stack to achieve the best results:

  • Python
  • ReactJS
  • Django
  • NestJs
  • PostgreSQL
  • WebSockets
  • iOS (Swift)
  • Android (Java, Kotlin)

And since they are all modern and updated, we have the ability to cover 99% of users.

Types of healthcare applications

There are two main categories of health applications: general health care and medical use.

Generic medical apps provide medical services to smartphone owners. According to their function, they can be divided into ten categories.

Health and fitness apps

These products are designed for people who manage their lifestyles. They track steps, calories burned, distance traveled, and active minutes and engage users in an active and healthy life. Examples include Runtastics, Nike Run Club, Flo, etc. Runtastic is an Austrian app that was founded in 2009 and soon became one of the world leaders in health and fitness apps thanks to its active online community where users actively interact and compete between themselves. In 2015, Adidas bought Runtastic for $240 million.

Application for chronic patients

Using these solutions, patients regularly monitor their vital signs (blood pressure, blood glucose level) and specific symptoms, and therefore less frequent hospital visits. Such applications essentially make life easier for patients with mental illness, diabetics and hypertensive patients.

Application for checking the intake of medicines

The patient downloads the medical application, enters the necessary information about medication intake (dose, frequency, timing) and sets a reminder.

For example, there is a medical app that is perfectly synchronized with a smartwatch that sends push notifications to patients when it is time to take their medication.

Women’s Healthcare App

These digital solutions offer a wide range of services, from tracking a woman’s menstrual cycle to accessing prescriptions for oral contraceptives. There are health apps for pregnant women, breastfeeding women, and other products aimed at keeping women healthy.

Application for storing personal health information and documents

These health apps are designed to store personal medical information and documents on mobile devices, retrieve needed information on demand, and connect patients with their doctors.

Health insurance application

These apps are designed for insurance clients and managers to communicate faster. Companies can use these apps to sell more insurance services and make the service more user-friendly, thereby attracting more customers.

Reference application

Medical mobile guides keep doctors up to date with the latest trends in the healthcare industry.

For example, Epocrates was developed by three Stanford Business School students in 1998 and acquired by Athena Health in 2013 for $293 million. The app is known for its extensive drug database and various useful features.

Application of health education

In accordance with the principle of continuing medical education, such applications are intended for those medical professionals who want to improve their knowledge and obtain an advanced degree but are limited in time.

Application for monitoring the health of patients

These healthcare apps offer providers the best ways to monitor patient health and improve communication with them. Doctors can remotely monitor heart rate, oxygen levels and blood pressure.

Communication and consulting applications

Communication and consulting applications are ideal for doctors who want to communicate and share experiences.

Launched in 2011, Doximity is a social network for US clinicians with thousands of registered physicians and their assistants, nurse practitioners and pharmacists. Using the app, doctors can consult with any other specialist, exchange medical information, discuss the patient’s treatment and find the right doctor to refer the patient through an easy-to-use text messaging system.

Such solutions can significantly improve the quality of medical services and improve patient outcomes.

All you need to do is create a successful health app. Whether you have raw ideas or ready-made services, experienced developers will pave the way for success.

Take a look at the mobile application we have developed in our portfolio and contact us if you have any questions.

Final thoughts

Health care is one of the basic human needs. A number of scientific publications and inventions have long been devoted to the topic of health and medicine. The desire to create cures for serious and widespread diseases led to the flourishing of the medical industry in the 20th century.

In the 21st century, people use technology for medical purposes and to improve human health, especially web services and mobile applications for storing data from medical sensors, as well as mobile applications for collecting and processing information of a medical nature.

Information technology is part of our lives today. And it’s hard to imagine life without a computer, the Internet, and smartphones or tablets. As usual, people are using mobile phones more often and have a lot of apps every day of the week, including health apps.

Healthcare app development is a huge step for your business, but it will definitely pay off. Your business will be more reliable and flexible, and your services will be more human-oriented and friendlier. Even if you have the best clinic in town, people won’t recognize it if you don’t have a healthcare app like your competitors. Don’t hesitate and get started today. Even if your head is spinning, keep calm and ask us any question that comes to mind.

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