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Cute Serving Trays: Add Charm to Your Dining Experience

Raised sides on serving trays are very helpful because they prevent objects from tipping over or spilling over the edge. Because they are easier to carry around than handleless trays, which are usually used to display food or décor items, trays with handles are also more convenient. The cute serving trays will add much-needed charm to your dining space.

Three vintage metal decorative trays in a set

Our gorgeous set of three ornamental trays with glass mirrors will add a touch of class to your decor with their elegant combination of premium-quality glass and metal. With an intricate vintage rim that showcases skilled craftsmanship, each tray is expertly crafted. Every tray has a sturdy glass mirror that adds depth, and the high-gloss gold finish exudes luxury. The robust, rust-resistant metal of the glass tray set ensures long-lasting appeal. As a trinket tray, the beautifully designed and extremely versatile tray set makes an eye-catching table centrepiece. They work well as Puja decorations as well. These elegant trays combine quality, functionality, and beauty (QUB) to redefine refinement in home decor. Use the vintage decorative tray set to make an arrangement of flowers or incense sticks for preparations of puja during the festive season.

Set of Three Pastel Herringbone Pattern Metal Trays

Elevate your entertaining game with this gorgeous set of three metal trays, which are all the perfect amount of class and utility. These decorative trays, made of durable, rust-resistant aluminium with a lustrous ceramic finish, feature a powdered gold rim design and a textured herringbone pattern, adding a touch of sophistication to any setting. Available in three stunning colours – green, blue, and coral – they not only look great as serving pieces but also protect your surfaces with foam furniture pads. Their nesting design allows for easy storage, making them a must-have addition to your home decor and entertaining supplies.

Layer the smaller tray on top of the larger one for tiered serving, or use them individually for stylish organisation and display.

Decorative Oval Tray Gold, Small

The decorative tray is a great combination of artistic design made by artisans. The decorative trinket gold tray is made of heavy metal and good quality glass, exuding elegance and beauty. The high-sheen gold finish of the tray and intricate design highlight its elegant craftsmanship. The glass tray’s two easy-to-grasp handles increase portability, while the four strong metal legs ensure stability. Because of its stunning glass mirror base and rust-resistant construction, it makes an excellent table centrepiece or stylish addition to your vanity table. This sturdy, expertly crafted decorative tray will elevate your home decor by combining aesthetic appeal with superior functionality. Use the tray as a flower basket to decorate your Puja room and enjoy the Diwali festivities in style. For unique gift baskets for your close friends and family on milestones like anniversaries, birthdays, or housewarmings, use the ornamental tray.

Silver Tray, Square, with Handle

This rectangular aluminium metal tray with a nickel finish is a chic and adaptable accent to any type of interior design. The textures of silver detailing are ideal for puja thali, a decor piece, as a serving platter, or a gift for a variety of events, including festivals and other celebrations. The silver tray is sturdy and lasts for many years. This is aesthetic and pleasing to be handled. It is the perfect size for holding different items during festivals or gatherings because of its big capacity. This tray is a great addition to any home since it perfectly balances style and utility.

Decorative Metal Tray with Green Garden

The green garden metal tray is gorgeous, decorative, and is made of high-quality iron material, which ensures longevity and durability. Its powder-coated matte finish lends a good touch of beauty to any space, and its rust-resistant makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. The tray has a green textured wavy design with intricate metal leaf detailing that gives an impressive visual appeal. With furniture pads safe guarding the surface, you can confidently make this tray on any countertop or tabletop without fear of damage.


Piling food high on serving trays is one of the classiest and most practical ways to serve guests. Use the appropriate serving tray whether you are serving turkey on Christmas Day or throwing a laid-back brunch for a few friends.

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