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Concrete for a Better, Braver, and More Durable Construction

Solid mix concrete’s Ready Mix Concrete Maidstone service allows you to get the finest ready-mix concrete for your construction. To comprehend why we are the best option for you, you must first thoroughly understand concrete and how it works.

Introduction to concrete and concrete work

Concrete is the most fundamental material used in building. But unlike other substances like sand, cement, and clay, concrete is not a pure substance. It is a mixture made up of several other substances that transform it into concrete in the end. It is a combination of fine aggregates, water, cement, and crushed stone or gravel.

The majority of this sort of mixture, or, you could say, concrete, is created on building sites. However, in rare circumstances, it can be created elsewhere and then transported to the building site. Now, if we talk about concrete works, it simply refers to several procedures involving the production of concrete and its use in construction projects. Several of the actions are as follows;

Mixing up a mixture

This is the initial stage of the concrete construction process. To ensure that no contaminants are added to the finished product, the raw materials needed to prepare concrete are gathered at this stage and refined. At this point, the same ratio of dry materials—gravel, cement, and fine aggregates—is mixed first.

Water is added after complete mixing to ensure that the concrete has the proper consistency—not too runny or thick, but just right. This is something that only experts from certain reputable organizations can understand, which is why solid mix concrete is the finest option for you to have the best quality concrete both in its raw form or ready-mix form.

Blend delivery

The transportation of the mixture to the building site is the next and most important stage after it is created. Timing is crucial in this process since the mixture contains cement, which may dry quickly.

The most crucial phase is making sure that the combination is delivered on time, and doing so calls for professional conduct on the part of the business handling this operation. In this situation, solid mix concrete’s service ready-mix concrete Maidstone will make sure that your concrete mixture arrives at your construction site promptly.

Ready Mix Concrete Maidstone
Ready Mix Concrete Maidstone


The feeding of concrete is a part of the third and most crucial stage. However, it varies depending on the type of building being done. At some concrete mixing facilities, skip hoppers are frequently utilized instead of belt conveyors for feeding.

Depending on the situation, Construction companies employ both of these techniques. But regardless of the method we employ for feeding, you can be confident that you will receive the greatest concrete job from us.


This is the straightforward stage that involves distributing concrete to the locations where it is required. Knowing the precise quantity and ratio of this concrete mixture that will be required at a particular location is the technical aspect of this stage.

Moulds are filled

This stage is particularly significant in concrete works since it focuses more on the utilization of concrete. At this stage, the moulds at the building site are filled with concrete. The inclusion of concrete in the moulds along with the iron framework offers the building structure more strength, enabling it to survive any form of adversity that may befall it. Concrete Pumping in Maidstone by solid mix concrete employs this very rule.

Cured concrete

It is tested to see if the concrete has settled properly in the moulds when it hardens. As the name implies, curing, every mould is double-checked for any issues in this process to ensure the concrete application goes smoothly.

Quality assessment

The final and most crucial phase in concrete works is this one. This process involves evaluating quality, as the name suggests. Only during the curing process is the problem determined, but this process also requires meticulously reviewing each step to ensure that the quality is never compromised and the construction is not adversely affected by even the smallest detail.

This was all about how concrete develops, how it travels to its final location, and how it functions. Every organization operates in a largely uniform fashion, and the same is true of solid mix concrete. However, you can contact us at any moment if you still have any questions.

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