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6 Tips for Applying to the Best Pharmacy College

Finding the best pharmacy college is a challenging task for aspirants. Often not-so-reputed institutes highlight exaggerated pictures to trap the interest of parents and students. Therefore, it becomes crucial to map the worth and value of an institute based on a certain set of factors to ensure the best selection. Also, the potential student must meet the eligibility criteria for admission to a pharmacy institute.

Follow the tips listed below to secure your seat at the best pharmacy institute – 

1.    Start exploring your options early on. 

Preparation and planning are critical aspects of finding potential pharmacy college options. Start researching the options 1 or 2 months before the admission process begins. First, shortlist your options and collect details of the institute. Then, check online materials and visit their website. The more materials you have, the better decision you can make. Also, it will save you from the stress of missing the application deadline.

2.    Volunteer in community activities to upgrade your application

Pharmacy aspirants should work or volunteer in health care activities. Participating in a community service project or a mission trip will upgrade your application. In addition, they will provide valued experiences that will provide an edge during the application and interview process. Admissions committees at top pharmacy colleges always seek well-rounded applicants with experiences that can help them succeed as pharmacy experts.  

3.    Highlight the plus points of your story 

You have had different life experiences which encouraged you to build a career in the pharmacy field. The admissions committee looks forward to hearing such stories. You can write about your experiences and learning in the application essay. Tell the committee why you chose pharmacy for career building and what inspired your passion for pharmacy. In addition, you can also highlight what your aims and goals as a future pharmacist are. Answer to these questions gives the committee insight into the aspirant’s desires and motivation for attending a pharmacy college.

4.    Look for a reliable author for your letter of recommendation. 

Everybody has family and friends who are always happy to help us, especially if it concerns our success and progress. So getting a recommendation letter from a known person may now be considered righteous by the admission committeeat the best pharmacy colleges. However, they may not even consider it as authentic or unbiased. So instead, choose an employer or a faculty member who knows about your unique capabilities and skills.

5.    Explain your past failures to the admission committee

You may have made mistakes in the past, for example – poor test scores in post-graduation or graduation, low grades in your transcript, etc. But now, as you are over them, it would be unfair to have those mistakes affect your admission into a reputed Pharmacy institute. And Admissions committees also understand the fact. You may explain the situation that impacted your performance and what influenced your performance. Most importantly, explain what learning you gained from your mistakes and what efforts you employed to improve your academic and overall performance.

6.    Have your application proofread by a qualified person 

Proofreading the application will allow you to correct the mistakes that could have gone unnoticed in the first place. Ask a qualified and experienced person to proofread your college application. Avoid approaching people with different perspectives and mindsets. Instead, look for someone who can offer sound advice and doesn’t hesitate to highlight your mistakes.


The tips listed above will help you get admission into a college, but the real challenge is finding the right pharmacy institute. Look for a college that has collaborations with reputed foreign universities. Besides, pharmacy programs should also facilitate the students with Professional Education, Quality Improvement Programmes, and training programs so that students can sign up for the profession of their choice abroad and in India. 

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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