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The kitchen is one of the most frequently used rooms in your home. We make and eat meals here, catch up on each others day here, pay bills, and visit with friends all in the kitchen. With this much activity in the kitchen it is no wonder that it often also one of the most cluttered rooms in our house and nothing can make it quite as uncomfortable as clutter can.

Kitchen clutter is a problem that effect the usability of your kitchen. When your counters are cluttered it is difficult to prepare meals. Entrümpelung Meerbusch When your floor is filled up with boxes or other items it can make hard to be able to relax. The result is that you move out of the kitchen. It is no longer enjoyable to be in the kitchen because of all the clutter so you eat out more, which cost you a lot of money. Or you eat in front of the t.v. which costs you conversations with your family. Don’t loose one of the most important rooms in your house to clutter. Follow the steps below and clear out the kitchen clutter.

Clear Off the Counters:

Sounds simple right? Well actually it is. The counter tops in your kitchen are meant to be used in food preparation not as a storing place for the bills, keys, wallets, gloves, newspapers, magazines, etc. Clear off the counters. If an item that has taken up residence on your counter is not used in food preparation (for example a microwave) it is time for it to get a new home.

Designate A Space:

For many families the kitchen is the first room they come to when they come in the door of their home. This facilitates the problem of the kitchen becoming a dumping ground. Stop the dumping ground clutter effect by designating a space for keys to be kept and other small pocket items. Use a small basket for these items to be placed in. Or use a decorative shelf with hooks that is hung by the door. This will make a natural stopping point for family members to drop off their items. It will also eliminate kitchen clutter and help everyone get out the door faster the next morning.

Don’t Forget Your Cabinets:

We often don’t think of our cabinets as being cluttered. But if you have to spend more then a couple minutes digging for a pan, bowl, lid, or ingredient that you need then your kitchen cabinets are cluttered.

Organize the items in your cabinet by putting like items in the same cabinet. Place canned fruits, veggies, and other canned items in groups. Place boxed items together as well. This will allow you maximize your cabinet space and you will know what you have. Use lightweight racks on the cabinet doors to hold lids, small utensils, or spices in your backing cabinet.

These simple tips will take you far in the process of clearing out kitchen clutter. Once you get your kitchen clutter under control you will have more space to prepare meals and you will be more relaxed while you dine.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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