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Although tradition dictates clearing and cleaning take place in Spring months, I prefer January for my annual excavation. It’s not something I even plan on, really. It just seems that as soon as January 1st rolls around, I instinctively start evaluating my home and my “things.” I get rid of the old and organize what’s left. In the same way that some people use the clean slate of a new year to make a resolution, I use the fresh start to clear my space and make room for new adventures.

Clearing physical space

Clearing physical Entrümpelung Potsdam space in your environment is an important and often overlooked component to creating space in your emotional life. This load lightening can evoke sadness when we say goodbye to what is no longer needed. But we do it anyway because of the exciting possibilities we then create.

When I first started on my path to becoming a holistic health counselor, I spent three dust-filled, back-breaking days clearing out my apartment. I made room on my bookshelves for all the new nutritional books and I left space in my armoire for videos, CDs, notebooks, and all the other new tools of my trade. Even though I wasn’t a working counselor yet, I uncluttered my apartment to make it presentable for potential clients. All of this effort quite literally unblocked my space in preparation and welcome for my new path.

Along with the physical unburdening came a spiritual one. By making space in my apartment for a new career, I was making space in my life too. I declared to the universe that I was ready for change and I was willing to do the work to make it happen.

What areas of your life could use a little clearing out?

  • If you’re looking for new romance, try updating and rearranging your bedroom.
  • If your career is stalled, perhaps you need to reorganize your paperwork or get a fancy new desk.
  • If you’re working to improve your health, take the time to throw out all the preservative laden sauces and expired foods in your kitchen and make that stovetop sparkle!
  • And if you’re ready for some big changes, go hog wild and spend a weekend sorting, tossing, and donating!

You might be pleasantly surprised to experience the physical world–spiritual world connection for yourself. Enjoy the journey!

If this subject really sparks your interest, you might want to learn more about the art of “Feng Shui” (pronounced fung shway), the ancient Chinese practice of placement and arrangement of space to achieve harmony with the environment.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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