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Chantal Compagnon

Chantal Compagnon fled Europe for Asia with Charles Sobhraj in 1970. The two had been robbers in Mumbai but soon decided to leave the life of crime and start a family. In the meantime, they had their first child and fled to Kabul, Afghanistan.

convicted of arms smuggling

In the early 1970s, Chantal Compagnon met Sobhraj, a Frenchman fresh out of prison, in Paris. They soon got married, and Chantal pledged to go straight. However, she was arrested for car theft and served eight months in jail, but once she was free, she married Sobhraj and moved to the US.

After leaving France, Charles and Chantal smuggled weapons. In 1971, Chantal was pregnant and accompanied her husband to Kabul, where they engaged in arms smuggling. By 1973, they were convicted of armed robbery and terrorism. They escaped the country by using fake passports and robbing tourists. After they fled the country, they moved to India. Charles was caught in Kabul after an unsuccessful armed robbery, but he was able to escape with Chantal’s help.

Chantal Compagnon had a history of violent crime and bribery, which included burglary and arms smuggling. Fortunately, Chantal had a history of crime and had many felony convictions and court appearances. But her most notorious crime was her involvement in arms smuggling. In 1971, she met Charles Sobhraj, an American who was convicted of arms smuggling. The two went to Asia and made a life together. During the time they spent together, Chantal had a son, Usha Sobhraj.

Married serial killer Charles Sobhraj

In 1969, Charles Sobhraj, a French serial killer, married Chantal Compagnon. The two met in Paris while Charles was still a teenager. Chantal had been pregnant with their daughter Usha at the time of their marriage and the two went to Asia to start a new life. During his teenage years, Charles committed small crimes. He once used his half-brother to rob a shopkeeper.

Sobhraj was born in Saigon, Vietnam. His father was an Indian and his mother was Vietnamese. He spent his childhood in Vietnam and later moved to France with his mother’s new husband. His earliest crime was petty theft and he was sent to prison. The relationship between his parents affected his mental state. He eventually found himself married to Chantal, who was French and came from a conservative Catholic background.

After the wedding, Sobhraj and Compagnon went on to have a daughter. In 1995, Chantal was pregnant with her second child. As she was giving birth to her child, she contemplated emigration to be with Sobhraj.

Lived in Kabul

Chantal Compagnon is a French woman who lived in Kabul, Afghanistan. She had a child with Charles during their time in Asia. After giving birth to her daughter Usha in Mumbai, Chantal left France for Asia. Soon after, Charles was arrested for robbing a jewellery store in New Delhi. They escaped by faking illness, but police caught up to them. Eventually, they fled to Afghanistan and hid in Kabul. They robbed tourists along the Hippie Trail, but their ruse of illness was exposed.

Chantal Compagnon was born in Paris to a devout Catholic. Chantal Compagnon lived in Kabul with her husband, Sobhraj, in 1971. The couple met in Paris and were married in Kabul in 1975. Chantal had just given birth to her daughter Usha when she met Sobhraj. Sadly, their marriage did not work out. Sobhraj was arrested while driving a stolen vehicle on the day of their proposal.

In 1971, Chantal Compagnon, Charles and Usha Sobhraj left France for Asia. Chantal accompanied him in robbing tourists. However, in 1970, they decided to leave their criminal activities behind and raise a child. Charles became involved in car theft and smuggling enterprises in India. The couple moved to Kabul with Usha Sobhraj in 1971, where they raised their child.

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