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PKNIC cards are the certified identification of Pakistani domain name

PKNIC Cards are the certified identification of carrying the pk domain for a certain domain by giving the Web Links of the lowest domain price. Therefore, you can register a PKNIC domain under the prescribed law. However, Web Links are offering all the TLDs under PKNIC which comprises .pk.com.pk,.org.pk, net.pk,.biz.pk,.edu.pk,.gov.pk, etc.

Navicosoft facilitates the clients with the lowest PKNIC domain price for taking up the Pakistani domain. Besides, you can help your firm with these cards’ with simple steps of the registration and restoration procedure. The certified identification through PKNIC cards is not confined to Pakistani people only.

Let’s get dig into it:

What do we mean by PKNIC prepaid cards?

PKNIC prepaid cards are exclusive pin codes implied to restore the pk domain panel. With this exception, you can register or modernize your Pakistani domain name whether it is pk,.com.pk,.edu.pk,.gov.pk,.gop.pk est. Similarly, the acquisition of PKNIC Cards is easy from a reliable Web hosting company rendering your requirements. Therefore, you will get your PKNIC cards via an email account when you make your consumption.

What are the useful buying tips for the PKNIC cards?

The followings are some tips for purchasing these useful cards:

  • The entire length of the domain name, comprising the .pk segment, should not surpass sixty-three characters. However, it must have sixty-seven characters overall, comprising the .pk suffix.
  • Besides the.PK unit, the minor edge of a domain in second-level domains is just 4 characters, and you can think of xyz.pk for an illustration.
  • If we talk about the third-level domain, it grants a 1-character domain name as the smallest. Hence, you are not granted to procure a domain like com.com.pk.
  • However, every domain name cannot start with a dash, not at the beginning, and currently not with two consecutive dashes. Thus, when choosing an appropriate domain, one must imply careful measures.
  • Prepaid cards from PKNIC are reachable, practicable, and up-front for implementation. Moreover, you have to enter the information, choose a card, make an order, and pay for it. So, you will acquire the PKNIC card very soon.
  • You can employ PKNIC Prepaid cards for current and predicted domains. Therefore, you will be informed of the order’s restitution date when you make the order. After doing so, you are capable to get the prepaid codes. You can buy the certified identification of the PKNIC card in bulk simply.
  • For your confined profession, PK domains can be beneficial. So, it can help in making a strong confined image for your company and notify people on the internet that it seats in Pakistan.
  • All the best companies will offer you day and night customer service for your PKNIC card queries. Therefore, you can take benefit of it at any second.

What are the aims and perks of the PKNIC prepaid cards?

The followings are the aims and perks; you can attain by sustaining your established encryptions in your Registry’s account.

Rapidest Way:

Comparatively to other means for the credible Registry, it is the premium, secure, and quick way to get a PKNIC card to buy pk domain.

  Reseller’s Credit:

Vending of the PKNIC cards is a cross-business for small hosting providers or Web hosting companies for making revenues.


It is a very easy task to do by yourself. As there is not any necessity to ask again and again about PK domain organization. Therefore, you can make it fast.

Particulars are unnecessary:

It is unnecessary to provide contact particulars or a straight approach to the card codes. However, the process is easy, just make an order, then pay and take it out.

Budget-friendly rates:

 Most people make orders openly for domains but not for credits, thus they pay more but do not acquire much resistance.

Easy Assortment:

If you use two ranks, then it will allow you various discount levels to choose from, purchase more, and defend more.

Registration and restitution:

Registration of the certified identification needs Abilities to imply these cards to consider your Pak web name registration or restitution.

Simple transfer:

You can transfer your pk domain underneath a PKNIC prepaid card simply.

What is the PKNIC domain price?

The costs of PKNIC are comparatively affordable. Therefore, the bulk of companies sells it at more price. Though, Navicosoft gives it a low price than others. So, if you purchase your domains in huge volumes, then their costs are more accessible. They can deliver domain registration services, thus you might have to give domain organization to them and emphasize mounting your product or website.

If you have issues, you might call their customer service center from anywhere in Pakistan. Thus, you will receive first-class services and help with domain registration.

Who is the best PKNIC Prepaid Card reseller in Pakistan?

PK domain gives the capability for Pakistani domain buying and renewing via resellers for clients. While it provides the public with PKNIC account balance accomplishment through the remote market, there is obstruction. Thus, companies provide things at more inexpensive rates for corporate.

During 2010, the internet public was in foremost expansion. It permitted another suffix than the prevalent suffix .com, etc. besides, the extensions going to Pakistan or any country ccTlds were not in implementation.

Country-based suffixes need more space, mainly for native search outcomes; Google started to grade country-based extensions at a high position. Thus, the PKNIC domain price is less compared to other areas in the world. Likewise, the Registry continued in its equability for two years, which offered an increase to be much more in number.

Final words:

 Navicosoft has been working to provide sustenance in determining all the competent information relevant to .pk ccTLD. Though, folks who need a PKNIC prepaid card which is the certified identification for registration of the pk domain should not hesitate in approaching us. Moreover, we are renowned for vending PKNIC Prepaid Cards all over Pakistan.

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