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Challenges: When Writing A Dissertation At University Level?

A dissertation is basically a form of academic writing that students write on a particular subject they choose. The dissertation length depends on the study level. An undergraduate should write a dissertation of about 10,000 to 15,000. Whereas master’s students should write 15,000-25,000 and a Ph.D. student should write up to 50,000 words or more. There are two types of dissertations. Empirical and non-empirical. One involves collecting data, whereas the other is based on existing data. 

Well, there comes a number of challenges while writing a dissertation or thesis. You can acquire our dissertation help UK to assist you in effortlessly writing your dissertation. Let’s begin to discuss some of the challenges you can face while writing a dissertation at the university level.

Challenges: When Writing A Dissertation At University Level?

A conclusion of what a student learned in a particular program is called a dissertation. It consists of all the work, from theories to applications. Now, let’s talk about the challenges you can encounter while writing your university dissertation:

Choosing a Topic

The first and the major challenge that comes your way is selecting the topic. It is the most crucial and daunting work you need to do before writing a dissertation. You could be studying a subject consisting of different topics. But, now you have to converge all those topics into a single topic. It could be one of the hardest tasks to do. But, it will define your whole dissertation and you’re learning about the subject you studied.

You can pick a topic after determining what you can write perfectly. Go for a topic that you have enough knowledge about and are perfectly aware of it. In addition, you should choose an original topic which is not been covered by any student before. It will attract the teacher, show your abilities, and perfectly resembles your skills.

Research and Collecting Data

After selecting the topic, the next and primary challenge you will probably face is researching and collecting data. You need quite a few skills to research to determine what to write in the dissertation. It could be one of the time-consuming parts of writing a dissertation. You will be spending a lot of time because the dissertation requires extensive research.

Your research will also help you in collecting data. But, it is also not easy as it seems. Collecting data is also as challenging as doing research. Not only do you require time but also some cash to find and collect data. Moreover, you find relevant data to make your dissertation more authentic. So, it is also a challenging task to do.


The formatting of the dissertation is a challenge that most students face. Mostly, universities articulate students to write their dissertations in a specific format. You can have difficulty following and implementing every rule your university asks you to follow. Some rules are about numbering, spaces, paragraph limits, etc.

You cannot follow all these rules you are required to do. It is nearly impossible to revise the whole dissertation to correct minor mistakes. You should not worry about these little challenges and focus on the other tasks.

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Finding Relevant Literature

It is hard to find relevant literature on a unique topic. You should try hard to research to find the literature you will write in your dissertation. Literature should be relevant, authentic, as well as original to perfectly showcase your learning. 

You cannot just summarize sources in writing literature. But, it requires you to analyze and critically evaluate so that you can showcase a clear picture of your knowledge on the subject. Be sure the literature shows how your research make difference and comes up with new knowledge.


You can just visualize and build up your dissertation in your mind. But to write it down is the most challenging task. You want to write the best work you can. But, the real hurdle in completing a dissertation is writing. You can easily write a lot of things, but it is not certain that they could live up to your expectations or perfectly showcase your skills and learning. 

The best thing you can do to write is to start writing early, even if you have not done enough research. If you start writing earlier, then you can get more time to proofread and create a masterpiece dissertation. In addition, you can brainstorm and write down ideas while doing research. It will come in handy for you to write your dissertation.

Time Management 

Time management is one of the critical things while doing any of your academic work. You need to manage your time throughout the span of writing your dissertation. Poor time management is one of the causes of why students are unable to produce a satisfactory dissertation. When writing a dissertation, wasting time is the main reason for failure. Students should remember that dissertation writing is a timing consume process. If you do not manage your time correctly, you should be ready to face consequences. 

If you make a plan ahead of your research that you have to write immediately after your research and act accordingly. Then, you can save yourself from the regret of not managing time and failing to create your dissertation up to the mark. So, a time management plan and adhering to the plan, and working day-to-day and consistently will surely help you make the process way faster.


So, above are some challenges that come your way and prevent you from writing a perfect dissertation. Commonly, writing a dissertation is a time-consuming and critical process. You can be having problems selecting a topic, doing research, collecting data, and finding relevant literature. Also, it is tough to document it in the correct format. In addition, the most basic challenge is composing a dissertation and managing time while writing it. Altogether, it is a stressful procedure, and if you know about the hurdles that you can meet in crafting a dissertation. You can easily avoid them and make sure to assemble a flawless dissertation. Moreover, if you are still facing issues or want any dissertation writing help, then you can get dissertation writing services

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