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Key Points On How To Write A Health Essay – Introduction To Conclusion

Writing health essays are tough and we have seen students running after their friends asking them to Online Exam Help. If you are also a medical student and have no idea how to write a health essay, we’ve some key points for you. Remember, writing and structuring will be the same as it is for different disciplines. You just have to be more meticulous while writing. Since your essay will be based on current research, make sure to not miss out on any important chunk as one wrong move can ruin your entire study. So, be very careful and vigilant with all the information you include. We know you can do and so do you!

Follow the below tips, and you’ll soon smoothly reach your destination.

Pick Out A Clear And Captivating Topic 

The very first thing you must not miss is selecting a clear and captivating topic. You must have an idea of how boring health essays can get and how soon your reader can lose interest. Therefore, you need to choose a topic that interests you and can also draw your readers’ attention. Make sure the topic you are planning to pursue is well-defined, strong, and researchable. A clear-cut yet drawing topic will hold your readers’ interest throughout and when your advisors thoroughly enjoy reading your essays, you must know you are on the safe side and ready to welcome some extra marks.

Begin The Body With An Opening Statement 

The next important tip is for the introduction of your essay. Many students miss beginning their introduction with a thesis or opening statement. Ensure you don’t miss this important part. If you have plans to add an opening statement in a separate section, then add a question or supporting sentence. Whatever can contribute in the first 10 percent of your content will be called an introduction, so whatever hits your mind under this section, give it a second thought and if it fits best for the introduction, add in. make sure to write a strong introduction that can hold your audience tight till the end.

Articulate Your Notions And Ideas

In the ten percent of your introduction, six percent should be your ideas that you will discuss further in your main body. Analyze your topic first and see what the intent of your study is. What most of the students do is they select topics that are completely different from their intent. We will recommend getting your topic checked by the mentor first. Discuss with them what you plan to discuss further in your essay. Everything should align perfectly, if any of it is irrelevant, make changes in your plan accordingly.

Now Add Discussions In The Main Body 

You have debuted your topic in the first part of your essay which is the introduction. You know that discussion is the main part of your essay. The 80 percent of the weight will be added to your essay by your main body. See what your findings are, and where they are fitting best and add them suitably. Do the same with discussion. If you think you can discuss all your findings individually, go ahead with it. However, there is an option for a separate section for discussions too. Choose what will go well with your study plus whatever is convenient for you. Try not to explore areas you are not sure about because you cannot afford any risk at this moment.  

Keep Your Audience Engaged 

Back to what we told you for the introduction. It is essential to keep your audience captivated throughout your study. Engage them in your essay as much as you can. Ask questions from them, add possible answers, and ask if they agree to it or not. Do whatever you can to keep your audience involved. The more you will work on adding hooks to your essay, the more your audience will participate. Readers’ engagement till the conclusion is proof you’ve won their hearts. So, make sure you do because you can!

Provide Evidence To Back Your Claims

All your findings need support. You cannot just claim something and not provide proper evidence for that. To tell your audience the information you’ve added is correct, provide all proofs and supporting details. For facts and figures add references. You can also add graphs, images, and figures and demonstrate your results, just make sure to back all the findings you add. 

Don’t Lose Your Way, Stay Connected 

This particular point we want to focus hard on is staying on your way. Students, tell us one thing? Why do you guys miss your route and start talking about everything else? We have seen many essays where students are right on the track, describing their findings and discussing their results perfectly when all of the sudden, they lose track and get lost. You know most of your audience loses their way right there and leaves your essay midway. To ensure retention, you need to stay on track and don’t lose your rope, not even for once. Throughout this entire 80 percent of your essay content, speak about your topic and your results, and just add relevant details.

Don’t Introduce Anything New In Conclusion

Now finally coming towards the conclusion, the last 10 percent of your essay. Like all other parts, this one is also important and has the same value as anything else. Now you are finally moving towards your conclusion, where you have to wrap up your essay. All the content you added before now will come to its shortest form. You don’t have to include all here, just the main notions and points, and you are good to go.

Proofread, Revise And Edit 

Last but not the least, a section that your audience won’t see still has an impact on your essay. The editing and proofreading part. Here you can get this done by an expert or you can also buy editing and proofreading tools and do this work yourself, whatever is convenient for you.


We hope after reading all these tips, you won’t ask your mates to Online Course Takers for me, right? Students just need a trajectory and proper guidance for their work, rest they can do it all perfectly and we are expecting the same from you. Do let us know what you think of this article and if there’s anything still unclear to you. We’ll wait for your response in the comment section. 

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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