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Can My Realtor Attend A Home Inspection On My Behalf?

As a home buyer, it is essential to protect your investment by having a professional home inspection carried out. A Home Inspection in Phoenix AZ will give you peace of mind and help you avoid potential scams. A home inspection can cost a few hundred dollars, but it is worth every penny as it can help to safeguard your investment. The inspector will check for structural damage, pests, mold, or other issues that could affect the property’s value. If any problems are found, you can negotiate with the seller to repair or rectify them before going ahead with the purchase. This could save you thousands of dollars in the long run. So, if you are thinking of buying a property, be sure to get a home inspection carried out first. It could save you a lot of money and hassle in the future.

Why Shouldn’t A Buyer Skip A Home Inspection?

Although a new home may seem perfect, there can be many hidden problems that an inspection can reveal. Structural problems, such as foundation issues, can be expensive to repair. Functional problems, such as a faulty HVAC system, can be a major inconvenience. Health hazards, such as mold or asbestos, can pose a serious risk to your family’s health. A home inspection will identify all of these potential problems so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not to purchase the home. It is important to remember that the inspection is just a snapshot in time and that some of the identified problems may have already been repaired by the time you move in. The most important thing to remember is that a home inspection is an important part of the home-buying process and should not be skipped. It can save you a lot of money and headaches down the road.

Who Can Be At An Inspection?

Arizona-certified home inspectors are required to be present at every home inspection. If an agent represents the buyer, that agent should be present at the inspection. The real estate agent representing the buyer may also be in attendance but is not required. The seller’s agent may be present as well, but this is generally not recommended as it can create a tense atmosphere. 

Kimberly Boyles is one example of a realtor who attended an inspection on her buyers’ behalf, and here is what she says, “I attended the home inspection on my buyer’s behalf. Steven Boyle was our inspector, and he did a great job. He reached out by phone to ensure someone was attending the wrap-up and didn’t have a problem waiting for me when it started earlier than I anticipated. Steve did a thorough job of explaining his discoveries at a good pace and presented very clear photos. He repeated more than once to have my client and/or I give him a call if we had additional questions or concerns. He didn’t rush through the report and provided good detail when asked questions!

The above case shows an inspection can go equally well without the buyer being present too. Your realtor can attend the inspection and assist you if you cannot attend it in person. 

Can A Realtor Attend An Inspection On The Buyer’s Behalf?

If you’re buying a home, you typically attend the inspection yourself. But what if you can’t be there? Can your realtor go in your stead?

As a potential home buyer, you may wonder if a realtor can attend an inspection on your behalf. The answer is yes, but there are a few things to keep in mind. The realtor must represent the buyer and, as such, can be present at any inspection that is taken on behalf of the buyer. The answer is yes, but there are some reasons why you may want to consider attending the inspection yourself. 

One reason is that the Arizona certified home inspectors will be looking for any problems with the property that could affect its value. If you are present, you can ask questions and get clarification on anything you don’t understand. 

Another reason to attend the inspection is that it allows you to see the property in person and get a feel for it before making an offer. This is especially important if you buy a fixer-upper or work with a limited budget. 

Lastly, attending the inspection shows that you are serious about purchasing the property and helps to build rapport with the seller. 

So, while a realtor from credible Home Inspection Companies in Phoenix, AZ can technically attend an inspection on your behalf, there are several good reasons why you should consider going yourself.

A realtor may choose to attend an inspection with the buyer as well:

  1. The realtor can provide valuable information and insights about the property that the buyer may not be aware of.
  2. The realtor can be present to answer any questions that the buyer may have about the property.
  3. Attending the inspection can help build trust between the buyer and realtor, which can solidify their working relationship.


A realtor can certainly attend an inspection on the buyer’s behalf, but it’s ultimately up to the buyer whether or not they want their realtor present. There are pros and cons to having a realtor attend an inspection, so buyers must weigh their options and make the right decision. Buyers should also keep in mind that their realtor is there to represent their best interests, so if they have any concerns about the property, they should voice them to the seller or the realtor.

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