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Can A Cleaning Service Help Reduce Allergens In The Home?

It doesn’t take much for an unclean home to start aggravating allergies for those who suffer with them, and you might be surprised to learn that even a small amount of dust, pollen or pet dander, for example, can quickly make life miserable for allergy sufferers. 

While hiring a cleaning service to come in on a regular basis and keep allergens to a minimum is an affordable and convenient solution, it’s important that the products the cleaning company use, are non-toxic, too:

The importance of using non-toxic cleaning products

For anyone suffering from asthma, immune deficiency, or who may be allergic to many of the organic compounds (VOC’s – volatile organic compounds) typically found in chemically based cleaning products, it’s important that only eco-friendly products are used when cleaning the home. Even if you’re not allergic to VOC’s, or at least aren’t aware that you are, you can develop an allergy or asthma at any time after coming into contact with such toxic substances, and may find that your eyes begin to run and itch, and even that your respiratory and immune system become compromised. In severe cases of allergy to a VOC, the sufferer may experience damage to their liver and kidney, or even their central nervous system. 

As such, when hiring a cleaning company, it’s important that you check whether they are using environmentally friendly, non-toxic cleaning products, otherwise 

Pollen and allergies

Research has shown that pollen and VOCs are two of the biggest contributors to allergy symptoms in the U.S., and homes that minimize both of these, tend to have the lowest allergy rates and most content inhabitants!  

Tips for removing pollen from your home

Once you’ve located the areas in your home in which pollen tends to accumulate the most, such as carpets, bed linen, drapes and upholstery among others, you can then address the issue with the following tips:

  • Wash all pillow cases, bed linen and drapes on a hot water setting in your machine, to remove all trace of pollen and mites that may be lingering
  • Make vacuuming a daily task, and ideally, use a vacuum with a HEPA filter and clean it regularly
  • In diffusers, try using natural air purifiers that are allergy rated, like Tea Tree essential oil
  • Groom pets on a regular basis to prevent pollen, dust and dander from accumulating on their fur and being transmitted throughout your home
  • De-clutter so that pollen has less surfaces to cling to

 With their professional tips, know-how and expertise, for homes in which allergens are causing a significant problem to members of the household, a cleaning service can significantly reduce the problem, and if hired on a regular basis, eliminate allergens altogether. Sound good? Why not carry out a spot of research into cleaning companies in your locality, and try them out on a trial basis?

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