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Building A Custom House In Utah 

Ever thought about making your own custom house plans? Having a house built how you like is a dream many people wish for. 

Just imagine living in a place made specifically for you that you helped design. The benefits of making custom house plans are only limited by your imagination. 

Benefits Of Making Custom House Plans 

  • You feel more joy when designing your custom home than just buying a house. 
  • Contractors make your new house to the current construction codes. 
  • You get to design your home to be more energy efficient than an older home 
  • Designers work with you to style your home and layout how you want it. 
  • You avoid complications of engaging in bids on houses on the market. 

Look forward to these and other benefits when you make your custom home. 

Although owning a custom house is an enjoyable outcome, there is still a process that you will go through to build it. When you start your journey to make a custom home design, use this list of steps to help guide you along the way. 

Steps To Make Your Custom Utah Dream Home 

There are differences in everyone’s home-building experience. However, some steps will be the same for everyone. Here are some of the things that all custom homeowners have to do: 

Identify The Land For Your House 

Finding the right spot to build is perhaps one of the most important steps in making a custom home. The lay of the land and the surrounding environment influence the design of your new home. 

You can search for lots and lands in many different ways online. For example, you may want to use sites such as Zillow to look for available areas. 

Depending on how comfortable you are in finding land on your own, you can also hire a land specialist to assist you in your search. They have the experience and insight to aid you in ways you might not have thought of. 

Design Your Custom House BluePrints 

Once you decide on the land for your new home, it is time to get designing. This step is where expert architects play a large role in creating your custom house plans. 

Work closely with your chosen architect to design your Utah house blueprints. They help make your ideas into a reality for your home designs. 

Secure A Home Construction Loan 

One essential step in building your new home is to secure a construction loan. These types of loans work differently than a mortgage. 

Construction loans are usually short-term financial agreements by a lender to build a home. These loans usually include the acquisition of a lot or land. You should also anticipate paying a portion as equity toward the project. This way, you also share risk with the lender and builders. 

Getting your construction loan approved requires similar efforts to getting a mortgage. You need to show paperwork about your finances and credit. 

Construction loans are different because you need to provide documents to prove to the lender that the project is to be finished within the requested time, quality, and loan amount. 

Get Estimates From Contactors 

After you approve the final house design with your architect, it is time to send it to different contractors to get estimates. They then look over your project and give you an estimate of the cost. Once you receive all the estimates, you choose one to hire for the project. 

At this point, after accepting the building estimate, you agree and are put under contract for the project. 

Submit The House Plans To The City 

Another important step in your custom home journey is sending the house plans to the city for approval. This part comes right before starting construction on your new home. 

Once everything is in order, the plans are sent to the city. The city then reviews the plans for your house. This period may take some time. In Utah, it should take no longer than 21 business days before getting feedback. 

Construction Begins On Your Dream Home 

The construction of your new house begins once the city approves the plans. Now you wait as the contractors you hired build your house. 

It is satisfying to check in and see the progress as your contractors build your house. As long as the project continues without interruption, you will live in your new custom house when it’s complete. 

Enjoy Your Custom Utah Home! 

The house-building journey is a long one: 

  1. You found the land that you wanted. 
  1. The Architects helped you make custom house plans. 
  1. You secured financing through a construction loan lender. 
  1. The contractors gave you estimates, and you picked the best team for the project. 
  1. The city reviewed your plans and approved the building of your house. 
  1. Your team finished the construction of your dream home. 

The final step is to enjoy the home that you have built. It is well worth the time and effort! 

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John Oliver
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