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Best Travel CPAP Machines in India

You might be using a CPAP (Continuous positive airway pressure) machine to aid in your sleep if you have been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).Setting oneself up for the optimal sleeping conditions is crucial when you have sleep apnea because travelling might disturb your regular sleep patterns.

Even though you might be used to your regular CPAP machine, buying a travel-friendly one can make your next vacation simpler and more comfortable. A travel CPAP machine might be a useful asset for your upcoming vacation due to its ease and capacity to enhance sleep quality when away from home.

If you frequently fly, many CPAP machines have FAA approval for usage while in flight. They are simple to disassemble for shorter journeys and their small size makes packing easier. Here are the best Travel CPAP Machines in India that includes Resmed Airmini, Breas Z2  and BMC M1 mini.

1.  Resmed Airmini Travel CPAP

Resmed Airmini is the best auto adjusting travel CPAP machine which is the World’s Smallest CPAP available. It has Resmed’s advanced algorithm and features which are best for your travelling.

Airmini is small and lightweight, weighs only 10 ounces.It has Ramp, Smart Start and EPR that makes the therapy natural. It has autoset and autoset for her algorithm in the same device that are known to be Resmed’s best algorithms.

EPR works by dropping the pressure while exhaling so that the patient can breathe out easily against the pressure. Smart Start works by starting the therapy when you put on the mask and stops the therapy when you remove.

It has waterless humidification technology that works with the aid of HME (Heat Moisture Exchanger). The small ridges of the HumidX filter absorb and store heat and moisture as you exhale. When you inhale, the heat and moisture from your exhalation are released, giving you a relaxing portable treatment experience.

The machine comes with 2 years warranty,small design and is compatible with Resmed’s nasal. Nasal pillow and full face masks. Also, 30 days of data can be monitored easily and Airmini isFAA approved that means it can be used in flight while travelling.

2.  Breas Z2 Auto CPAP

Breas Z2 is an auto CPAP machine which is portable, lightweight and is ultra small in size. It has an auto start/stop feature and a quiet motor. Its motor is quiet, and it includes an auto start/stop feature and bright LCD display.

Additionally, it comes with a complimentary Qlite to mute the mask’s sounds. With dimensions of 6.48″ x 3.30″ x 2.02″ and a weight of 10.5 oz, it is lightweight and fits effortlessly into your bag. Traveling with your sleep apnea therapy is made easy with this device.

Breas Z2 has Expiratory pressure relief for comfort breathing and is FAA approved that makes it suitable to use in flights. It offers ramp mode for adjusting gradually to a prescribed pressure.

An optional PowerShell for a fully integrated battery solution for travel in areas with restricted power. An entire night’s worth of therapy can be provided by the PowerShell’s Extended Life Battery, a rechargeable lithium ion battery.

No unique mask or tube is needed to operate the Z2 Auto. If your preferred mask doesn’t have a proprietary connection, you can use it. The device comes with 2 years of warranty.

3.  BMC M1 Mini Travel CPAP

If you are looking for an affordable category of CPAP machines, BMC is known for their pocket friendly prices. BMC M1 mini is a travel auto adjusting CPAP machine and is very small and lightweight.

It weighs 400 grams and has Ramp, Expiratory Pressure Relief, Auto on/off and waterless humidification technology. Humidification without water By doing away with the requirement for a humidifier, CPAP masks considerably increase convenience for users who travel. A HME filter is used in BMC HME masks to collect heat and moisture from exhales. The inspired air picks up this warmth and moisture upon inhalation. Every month, HME filters are replaced. For cold and mountainous regions, higher output HME filters are also available.

M1 mini comes with automatic leakage compensation and wireless data transmission. The ramp time can be changed by the M1 Mini device in response to a patient falling asleep. At night, Auto Ramp offers the most comfort. M1 mini also offers accessories and maintenance reminders

All the above discussed machines are the best travel CPAP machines available in the market with the best technology and features Read more

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