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A Comprehensive Guide To The Most Trending Live Stream Giveaway Ideas

And there’s no better way to engage, connect, and interact with your audience than offering giveaways while live streaming. Indeed, giveaways have emerged as an interactive and compelling solution to keep your live stream audience hooked to your content and channel. 

So, are you looking for giveaway ideas for your paid and free stream sessions? If so, this guide will explore numerous live-streaming giveaway ideas. Furthermore, it shows how to manage your giveaways simply so they function without a hitch during your live streams.

Why Look For Live Stream Giveaway Ideas?

You probably know every bit about your target audience. Given that your audience is probably active on several platforms, etc., you might also be able to guess what they enjoy. In any case, you may have taken every precaution to promote your live broadcasts effectively and to broadcast regularly. 

However, to properly engage your audience, something might be missing. This is where paid and free live-streaming giveaways come to aid. This powerful and effective tool is all you need to boost your live-stream audience engagement. 

What’s more, freebies like this make viewers want to interact more. This helps you gain insight into various live stream giveaway ideas and concepts. However, this raises one question: what is the need to run giveaways on paid and free live streams? Let’s find out. 

Live Stream Giveaways: Why Should You Run Them?

Certainly, the caliber of your content determines how well your live stream goes. However, live streamers still wonder what role a live broadcast giveaway plays in this scenario. 

So, here are some reasons why you should run live stream giveaways and consider implementing them: 

  • Enlist More Viewpoints: A live giveaway increases views. Gifts are very popular. As a result, they will watch when they know their prospects of winning are good. So, running a giveaway is result-driven as it boosts the audience count who watch your live broadcast. 
  • Take A Break From A Live Broadcast: For the viewers to readily understand the content, every live stream needs to be divided into various segments. You can break up a live stream by adding a giveaway in the middle of it.
  • Dropout Rate Reduction: Reduce the dropout rate at the program’s start and even in the middle by introducing a giveaway. However, do so while continually reminding your viewers about it. To keep viewers interested for longer periods, offer various giveaways to them during the program. 
  • Go For Your CTA: A simple CTA at the end of your live streaming might lead to hard selling. Of course, no creator will ever want this. However, using a prize as an incentive when you conduct a giveaway, you may easily encourage actions that might lead back to other goods and services you provide. Therefore, it comes across as more natural and conversational. 

Best Live Stream Giveaway Ideas You Must Know

Essentially, consider offering something free to a random viewer while live streaming on camera. Indeed, it’s true that while one giveaway idea is cost-effective, the other one can be expensive. However, they must be well-planned enough to enable your audience to benefit the most from your brand. 

Here are some of the top suggestions for live stream giveaways: 

Good Ideas For Live Stream Giveaways

Here are a few suggestions for free giveaways because there are plenty of unique methods to run contests and giveaways. 

Free Live Stream Giveaway Ideas

  • Free Digital or Physical Product

Although technically free, this live stream free broadcast gift idea will involve some expense. Giving out a free product might take the form of anything from an online course or a downloadable PDF to a real, tangible item you have previously created and are prepared to send out. 

Usually, these products are already in production or on the shelf, literally or virtually. The expense to you is also rather low. 

  • Vouchers, Coupons, & Discounts

Discount codes, discounts, and vouchers are amazing giveaways for your free multi-video streaming channels. Besides, it’s far better than giving away gift cards and vouchers from other companies. 

You may market your company and convert those cooler prospects with the help of this simple yet really powerful strategy. 

Paid Live Stream Giveaway Ideas

Here are some paid giveaway ideas for your live-streaming platform to consider only if you have the funds. Don’t assume you need to spend a lot because you can often get a lot of interaction with free and affordable goods.

  • Expensive & Extravagant Items

Although fancy giveaways can be costly, they are attractive and bring in many viewers if introduced properly. However, remember that offering expensive stuff shouldn’t come out as a brag or show-off. 

You should instead explain to your audience how it will help them. Unquestionably, things will turn costly if you make this a routine event. Instead, give one giveaway after accomplishing particular milestones, like having a million YouTube followers. 

  • Go For Branded Merchandise As Your Giveaway Options

Use branded clothing, coffee cups, cushions, and other items to humanize your live-streaming company. When it comes to word-of-mouth marketing, these giveaway ideas act as the perfect solution to promote your live streaming platform. 

Try giving away personalized notebooks and student accessories imprinted with your brand’s logo if your live streams are centered on the education sector. 

Bad Ideas For Live Stream Giveaways

After seeing some excellent giveaway ideas for live-streaming services, discuss those you should avoid using. 

  • Clickbait Items

Most importantly, never run giveaways just to increase engagement. Many live streamers run contests to increase views and shares. 

However, once someone wins, they never watch again. So, never offer clickbait products to raise brand awareness; doing so can be more detrimental to your business than beneficial. Refrain from slipping into this category. 

  • Expensive Gadgets

When offering pricey electronics, like Apple devices or gaming equipment, you attract an audience that isn’t even your target demographic.

They simply show up for the giveaway with no plans to stay. So, even though giving away the newest laptop, tablet, or phone may appear alluring, you might not get the views on your live broadcast that you were hoping for.

Final Words 

That’s the end! With this comprehensive guide on the best live-streaming giveaway ideas, you now know where to begin. However, always remember to plan ahead if you’re hosting a giveaway. Use a scheduling platform later to let the winner choose and arrange the free consultation if you offer one to anyone. 

Lastly, always adhere to social media platform compliance requirements during a giveaway. With that in mind, we’re confident you’re ready to launch live-stream giveaways. 

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Uneeb Khan
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