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Best Choose The Best Dental Crown For You in Pakistan


Injuries, dental cavities, gum disease, and even tooth decay can result in irreparable tooth damage. You may require a large dental filling, root canal, or dental implant. It is also possible to require a dental crown in each of these cases! It restores your bite, enhances the appearance of your teeth, and permits you to chew pain-free.

There are a variety of options for dental crowns that you can pick from. Specific crowns offer a more natural appearance, while others give the required durability.

What exactly is a dental crown?

Dental crowns are dental caps attached to a tooth that has been damaged or a tooth implanted. If you’ve had an extensive cavity or tooth removal, fractured tooth, or had an operation for a root canal, Your dentist may recommend a crown for your dental. Crowns are also able to replace fillings that are large and in adjusting your bite.

If your tooth was removed, Your dentist could replace it with dental implants that are screwed directly into your jaw. In this scenario, the dental crown is bonded to the bottom of your dental implant. However, dental crowns may be placed on the natural tooth if enough of the tooth is left.

The Types of Dental Crowns

Metal (Gold)

While metal crowns appear as gold, they’re created by combining copper and various other metals. They’re highly durable and durable. However, they are elastic enough not to harm the other teeth. In addition, metal crowns are very durable and wear down slowly. They can be stable for an extended period, provided they are maintained.

However, the metal crowns aren’t suitable for all despite these advantages. A lot of people are naturally reluctant to wear an attractive gold-colored tooth! Therefore, metal crowns are more likely to be used on dental backs (such in secondary molars) in which the gold appears less prominent. This way, you can benefit from the crown’s durability without compromising the appearance design of your teeth.


In contrast to metal and ceramic crowns, porcelain crowns appear natural and are among the more sought-after choices. They are very similar to the color of your teeth and are designed to be shaped and size. Therefore, porcelain crowns can be utilized to restore your front teeth.

The problem is that porcelain crowns don’t have the durability of other options. They’re more prone to crack, which makes them a less-than-ideal choice for the molars.

Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal (PFM)

PFM (porcelain-fused-to-metal) crowns combine aesthetics and strength. The exterior of the crown is made of porcelain for the natural appearance, while the interior is made of metal for long-lasting durability. They are sturdy and flexible, pleasing to the eye, and won’t break like pure porcelain.

If you suffer from gum recession, PFM might not be your ideal choice. This is because the metallic base of the crown may reveal if your gums are receding. There could be a faint grey line that appears near your gumline.


Composite crowns are constructed from resin and are naturally off-white. While they are less susceptible to chipping than porcelain crowns, composite ones do not have the same durability as porcelain when chewing regularly. They also tend to wear down through regular brushing, which can affect the crown’s appearance and cause discoloration.


Zirconia is a more recent crown material that is sturdy and beautiful. They last long, are strong, and are not likely to crack or break. However, zirconia crowns could become too strong and destroy the teeth around them, best dental surgeon in lahore.

E-Max (Lithium Distillate)

E-Max is a porcelain crown with a natural appearance and durability. Due to their natural look and durability, they can be fitted to front and back teeth. They are also more costly than other dental crowns.

Determining the Best Crown for You



A natural, glowing attractive smile is the goal of many people. So, the look of the crown on your teeth is critical. This is particularly true when the crown is placed on your front teeth. This means that gold isn’t likely to be the first option you consider, Dentist in lahore.

Composite crowns tend to discolor because of the brushing process, making them unsuitable for front teeth. Porcelain is the preferred option due to its natural appearance.


The forceful chewing of food can damage the crowns of weaker teeth. Therefore, porcelain isn’t an excellent option for molars. Metal is the most suitable option for the upper and lower molars. Metal is highly durable and can withstand the force of chewing. PFM is also a great option to treat molars in some instances. If you grind or clench your teeth, you need the most durable dental crown.


The price of dental crowns can vary based on the material and the extent involved in the process. You can commonly expect zirconia, zirconia, or E-Max to have the most costly choices. PFM is generally the least expensive, while metal crowns fall between.

 A dental crown is a highly effective restorative procedure when your teeth have suffered severe damage due to dental trauma or cavities (or when you’ve lost teeth). With the aid of a dental crown, you’ll be in a position to eat comfortably and smile confidently.

When selecting the best dental crown, be sure to rely on the knowledge of your dental professional. The tooth placement might require a more robust material such as PFM or metal. But, if you have a front tooth that needs a crown, you’ll likely prefer porcelain because of its natural appearance.

If you need a dental crown to repair an injury or to cover a tooth implant, Your dental professional at Bloor West Smiles can help you choose the ideal option to fit your needs. A dental crown procedure is a simple dental procedure to allow you to go back to your everyday life. Also Read: businessfig

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