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Best cake Recipe At Home

Best cake Recipe Sex in a pan dessert

Today I am introducing the best Sex in a pan dessert is a delicious and amazing dessert you have to try out.

Look at this beautiful keto sex in a pan Cake. It is based on my super popular vanilla cake recipe.

It will stay moist for a week. You will completely enjoy it.

Who says you cannot have your cake and eat it too?

You have to try this recipe soon. This sweet delicacy will please both your appetite as well as your eyes.

A luscious but easy 4-layer dessert has a cookie crust, a cream cheese layer, and a chocolate pudding layer, all topped with whipped cream and a sprinkle of chocolates.

This is an easy recipe for beginners.

What Is Sex In A Pan?

Sex in a pan is a dessert recipe. In this dessert recipe, the bottom layer is made with pecans, flour and butter.

Another layer is made with cream cheese, powdered sugar and whipped cream.

Another layer is vanilla pudding and whipped cream sprinkled with chocolate crumbs.

Is it sounds good?

It is the best dessert recipe I have ever had. Have you tried this recipe before? If not then, try this recipe today.

A coat of chocolate and vanilla pudding makes this astonishing dessert hard to endure!



  • 1cuppecans chopped
  • 3tablespoongranulated sugar
  • ½cupunsalted butter melted
  • 1cupall-purpose flour

Cream cheese layer:

ü 8 ounce cream cheese

ü 1 cup powdered sugar 

ü  1 cup cool whip or whipped cream

Vanilla pudding:

ü 5.1-ounce instant vanilla pudding

ü 2 cups milk

ü Chocolate Pudding

ü 5.1-ounce instant chocolate pudding

ü 2 cups milk


ü 2 cups whipped cream

ü Shaved chocolate optional

Preparation Procedure:

·      To make this delicious recipe we have to preheat our oven to 200C degrees.

·      Take a baking dish and grease it with cooking spray or you can use melted butter also.

·      Take a mixer and we have to mix all the crust ingredients.

·      Now put this mixture into the baking dish and bake it for only 10 to 12 minutes only.

·      Now we have to prepare the vanilla pudding by using the directions on the package.

·      Then, prepare the chocolate pudding by using the directions on the package.

·      Take a mixer and add cream cheese, powdered sugar and one cup of whipped cream and mix it till well combined you can also use a hand mixer to do this step.

·      When the crust is fully baked let it cool fully and spread the whipped cream and then on top spread the chocolate cream.

·      Refrigerate it for 24 hours to set it aside.Foods to Consume for Good Health

·      With the help of a cutter cut into pieces.

·      Serve on a plate.

Nutritional Information:

·      Serving: 1slice

·      Calories: 446kcal (22%)

·      Carbohydrates: 53g (18%)

·      Protein: 6g (12%)

·      Fat: 24g (37%)

·      Saturated Fat: 11g (69%)

·      Cholesterol: 52mg (17%)

·      Sodium: 359mg (16%)

·      Potassium: 227mg (6%)

·      Fiber: 1g (4%)

·      Sugar: 38g (42%)

·      Vitamin A: 660IU (13%)

·      Vitamin C: 0.1mg

·      Calcium: 142mg (14%)

·      Iron: 0.9mg (5%)

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