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10 Top Economics Degree Jobs

Economics majors study resources and the manufacturing and intake of goods and solutions. Those that seek this instructional course can get abilities that make them eligible for lots of work chances.

Suppose you’re a current graduate that is brand-new to the occupation area. In that case, you might benefit from finding out about jobs to consider in economics, organization, money, and associated fields.

This write-up covers ten entry-level jobs for economics majors, detailing the national average income and critical tasks.

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What is a business economics degree?

A service economics level prepares you for a job entailing the application of financial concepts and research methods to analyze organizational troubles. Typical coursework commonly includes company forecasting, labor business economics, critical habits, and managerial accounting.

You can gain employment in different markets, including organization, money, human resources, advertising, infotech, and sales, with a service economics level.

What can you do with a business economics degree?

An organization economics degree qualifies you for numerous professions such as banking, financing, insurance policy, and telecommunications.

Whether you’re simply beginning your job search or thinking of going after a service economics profession, recognizing the work you can get with this degree can assist you in making a strategic and informed choice.

Let’s take a look at 10 of the top jobs that offer a competitive salary for economics majors.

  1. Economist
  2. Compensation supervisor
  3. Actuary National
  4. Senior market expert
  5. Quantitative expert
  6. Associate Professional
  7. Market researcher
  8. Account manager
  9. Customer care agent
  10. Item analyst


National ordinary income: $102,311 annually

Key responsibilities: Financial experts study financial trends associated with supplies, bonds, spending, currency exchange rate, the rising cost of living, and more. They conduct detailed research to establish forecasts and educate companies like firms or government entities.

Compensation supervisor

National ordinary income: $106,435 annually

Key responsibilities: Settlement supervisors create and administer an organization’s settlement and advantages and prepare for employees, including retirement plans, 401Ks, wellness programs, and more.

They study and discuss the best feasible preparation for workers and might also be in charge of offering and addressing worker inquiries.

Actuary National

National ordinary income: $113,430 annually

Key responsibilities: Actuaries do analytical and mathematical research to define the financial outcomes of a specific threat. They may collaborate with either public or private companies to do risk evaluations and financial projecting.

Senior market expert

National ordinary income: $115,166 annually

Key responsibilities: Market analysts research and study information concerning the sale of services and products. They could work for a specific company to study customers, competitors, or a market research firm.

Quantitative expert

National ordinary income: $141,375 annually

Key responsibilities: Quantitative analysts use various mathematical and analytical methods to carry out danger management and various other finance-related research studies.

They could work with public or personal companies to research, study sales, or acquire habits to discover successful possibilities.

Associate Professional

National ordinary income: $60,787 annually

Key responsibilities: An associate consultant sustains senior consultants and other advanced experts in enhancing service operations procedures and creating revenue. They might assist with updating training programs, improving supply chain logistics, or introducing new technologies and software.

Market researcher

National ordinary income: $59,701 annually

Key responsibilities: A market researcher gathers data on market conditions, consisting of factors like cost of living, demographics, customer habits, supply and also need, employment prices, rising cost of living rates, and also home mortgage costs. They help companies to make service choices that result in profits.

Account manager

National ordinary income: $54,294 annually

Key responsibilities: An account manager manages an organization’s partnership with a customer. Those in this function supply individual support to an organization’s customers, offering info concerning products and services, responding to questions, and dealing with problems.

Customer care agent

National ordinary income: $48,540 annually

Key responsibilities: A client service rep is responsible for answering customer questions or solving customer issues. Those in this function usually interact with consumers by phone, e-mail, or other messaging systems. They offer support in locations like payment, item operational guidelines, or service services.

Item analyst

National ordinary income: $66,921 annually

Key responsibilities: An item analyst commonly operates in the item development division of a firm. Their task is to research market information, evaluate competitors, analyze customer habits, and gather various other information to assist in product design suggestions and procedures.

Final Thoughts:

Whether you put your business economics degree towards a career in accounting, sales, personnel, or beyond, you need to get in front of working with managers to reveal to them you are prepared to get to work.

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  1. What is the average slary in finance field?

As of October 1, 2022, the Average annual salary in the financial sector in the United States is $95,592 per year.

What Economics job pays the most?

Personal Financial Advisor.

Financial manager.

Financial Analyst.

Operations Research Analyst.

Market research analyst.

Are Economics job in demand?

Employment of economists is projected to grow by 6 percent from 2021 to 2031, about the same as the average for all occupations.

Can you get an accounting job with an economics degree?

An economics degree will equip you with sophisticated numerical and analytical skills – perfect for exploring an accountancy role. Accountants work in all sectors of business as well as in the public and voluntary sectors.

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