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How To Create Unique Health Card Through ABHA?

With the emerging importance of digitisation in various processes across private as well as public sectors, the Government of India has increased its focus on digital India. One such initiative in the healthcare sector is called Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM). Under this initiative, the Ministry of Health And Family Welfare has introduced Ayushman Bharat Health Account (ABHA). This initiative offers to store and access medical records in a secure, organised and hassle-free manner.  

What is ABHA?

ABHA is a unique health ID for each citizen of India. This ABHA card works in all hospitals like an Aadhar card. ABHA is an online platform where you can keep your health records, including prescriptions, test reports, etc., in a digital format (also known as Electronic Health Record, or EHR). ABHA card has a 14-digit number that will act as a unique identifier of a citizen in India’s digital healthcare ecosystem. It will help make any citizen availing health care services anywhere across the country with seamless entry and exit. 

How to create an ABHA card online?

There are three ways to apply for an ABHA health ID card. You can mainly apply using an Aadhar card or driving license; if you don’t have any identity proof, you can use a mobile number. Find out how you can use each of these to avail of this service. 

  1. Aadhar Card- 

After you log in to the official website and enter the Aadhar number, it will generate an OTP to the registered mobile number. Thereafter, you have to enter the basic details and set your username and password to create the account. For future use, download the Ayushman card download pdf

  1. Driving License- 

If you plan to use your driving license, you will get an enrolment number from the ABDM portal. With this number and the license, the nearest ABDM facility will then verify your identity to apply for the ABHA card. 

  1. Mobile Number

If you don’t want to use any of the above, you can use your mobile number on the official website. On clicking ‘I don’t have any ID/ I don’t want to use my IDs for creating ABHA’, you need to enter the registered mobile number to generate the OTP. Enter the personal data with username and password to create the account. Download and save your digital health ID for future use. 

How does ABHA work?

  1. Once you create an ABHA card online, you will get the ABHA number and ABHA address on the digital ABHA card. 
  2. When using it for the first time, you would need to upload all the previous physical or digital health records on this ABHA health locker. 
  3. While visiting any tertiary health care facility to seek quality health services when in need, you would need to share the ABHA address with the doctor/health care professional (HCP). 
  4. The doctor would enter this ABHA address in his account created on the ABDM website. With this, the doctor will get all the previous health care records for reference while performing consultations or treatment. 
  5. This is how the ABHA card helps in seeking health care services across the country. 

Through this process, one can also share EHR with the insurance provider for timely claim settlements. 

What are the different online platforms to download ABHA cards on the go?

Accessing an Ayushman Bharat card online can be done in three simple ways-

  • On the official website
  • Through the mobile app
  • Healthcare facilities like community centres, hospitals, or wellness centres
  • Through third-party mobile applications like Paytm

ABHA is a major boom in the health care sector in India which bridges the gap between the delay of health care records from patient to doctor, be it from any part of the country. Thus, creating ABHA is like the first step towards fabricating safe, secure, organised, and more efficient healthcare records for yourself and your family. 

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