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How Can You Get Dynatect Ball Screws Repair Services?

A ball screw uses little friction to transfer rotational motion to linear movement. As a mechanical linear actuator, ball screws may require repair after continued use. Functionality and accuracy are crucial in these operations. Discover how to determine if a ball screw requires repair and the reasons to get them fixed immediately.

Can Ball Screws Be Rebuilt?

Fortunately, professional Dynatect ball screws repair services can rebuild ball screws when they fail to operate correctly. In most instances, wear and tear leads to the excessive backlash, causing the ball screw to lose preload. Usually, the ball screw can be taken apart, cleaned, and repaired. Sometimes, the ball bearing fall out, and these screws can also be rebuilt if there is no notable damage to the screw or nut.

Ball Screws

What If a Ball Screw Can’t Be Rebuilt?

While many ball screws can be repaired, some are too damaged to fix. In other instances, customers order a rebuild to keep manufacturing moving forward while a new screw is built. If a ball screw is not performing well, a professional repair service works with your design specifications to create a replacement.

How Long Does It Take to Fix Ball Screws?

Whether you decide to repair or replace ball screws, production needs to move forward quickly to remain profitable. Some repairs can be done with 24-hour rush service, with a typical five-day turnaround for routine repair work. Expediting services help companies continue operations with minimal interruptions. Plus, an experienced repair service can regrind a ball screw and replace the ball nut or entire assembly within weeks rather than months.

What are Ideal Applications for Ball Screws?

Using ball screws properly ensures they function optimally. Beyond machine tools, ball screws are used for other precision needs, such as motion platforms, simulation, and replacing hydraulics on training equipment. For customized applications, management requests a quote including specifications or a print to get the right ball screw or have the current ones repaired.

How Do You Troubleshoot Ball Screws?

Troubleshooting helps determine if a ball screw requires repair. To find out, run a power check, measure the backlash between the nut and screw, and look for missing or worn wipers. Other signs of a problem include rust, pits, and signs of wear. Also, ensure the lubrication system works correctly and check the ball screw alignment.

Maintenance Matters

Checking the ball screws periodically is crucial to keep them in good working condition. For example, if you find steel balls on the floor or near a machine, shut the machine down to avoid injuries and check the ball screws. Also, vertically mounted ball screw assemblies should be checked periodically to maintain optimum safety at your production facility.

Once you determine a ball screw requires repair, contact a professional repair service immediately to maintain a safe facility and keep production moving forward. Repairs are completed quickly and efficiently to ensure optimum performance. Plus, replacements are made when necessary for the highest level of productivity and safety at all times.

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