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Best Ways to Read Comics Online for Free

If you love reading comics but aren’t a huge fan of the monthly subscription service, this post is for you. Here are your best options for reading comics online for free and where you can find them.

One of the best features about digital comics is that they’re usually incredibly inexpensive (sometimes just a few dollars) which makes it easy to get started with a whole new series without breaking the bank.

Digital Comic Museum:

Digital Comic Museum is the first place I’ll turn to when looking for digital comics. They have a huge archive of free and legal comics (including some big name titles) that you can read online.

The recent launch of their new website is still a work in progress, but it looks pretty promising so far and they’ve added some great content since launching. Click here to check out DCM.

Project Gutenberg has been around for ages, but they just recently started collecting and publishing eBooks in the public domain.

Comic Book Plus:

Comic Book Plus is another great place to find digital comics for free. They’ve got over 100,000 titles that you can read online for free, and the company has been around since 2001.

Comics 101:

If you’ve seen the The Matrix, you’ll instantly recognize how closely the artwork from Digital Comic Museum resembles the artwork in The Matrix. Comics 101 is another great place to read DCM comics online and they have a ton of free content available too. 

Odds are that if you’re reading this blog post, you’re already familiar with Online Comics Directory which is probably your best source for legal comics online. As with myreadingmanga, watching manga is a great way to get into it.


GoComics is another great place to get free comics online. Not only can you find a bunch of free comics (and more paid for) but you can also read their collection of alternative comics too. As with other sites, the content isn’t just high quality, it’s very well organized and easy to navigate.

And that concludes our list of best sites where you can find this content online. If you’re looking for digital comics, I recommend checking out all these great sites before making your first purchase. The prices are extremely reasonable and the amount of quality content available is amazing. The post Best Ways to Read Comics Online for Free appeared first on fan boy.


What It Means to Be a Reader

There are many different kinds of readers in the world. Some people read books, some people read comics, and some people can’t be bothered with any form of printed media. A storytelling medium is created by the players—the artist and writers who create the story. At its essence, that’s what it means to be a reader of ElfQuest: you’re playing along with us as we tell our story. It’s not about competing for who has read more or which character you prefer or whatever other silly thing is getting in the way of somebody actually enjoying reading about something else for a change, because everyone should enjoy this book regardless of how many times they’ve read it before.

DC Kids:

A Couple of Wheedle Weasels

The first two volumes of DC Kids are huge. They’re each almost 200 pages. Each book is full of fun and silly illustrations by a number of different artists, including our own Al Milgram, and Debbie Chance, as well as some other talented people who we wish had been able to contribute more besides page after page of art for us to work with. We’re very fortunate to have enjoyed working with these talented people.


A New Kind of Hero

Libby was created from a need. We were being asked for a boy hero. We listened to what people had to say and decided to create one, but we didn’t want him to be your ordinary schlep with a sword or super powers or whatever the usual boy hero accoutrements are. So we decided he’d be a street-smart kid who was just an everyday kid who reacted the way most boys would behave if they found themselves in extraordinary circumstances. xyz webtoon are thriving on the internet.

Dak Hamee:

The Other Babysitter Dak Hamee was created by an offhand remark on the part of Wendy Pine. We said, “We need a character who looks like he gets beat up all the time.” Bill replied, “Like a big, black version of you?” And that was it. We just turned Dank loose on the book afterward, and he’s been getting into trouble ever since.Butch was designed to be a pirate. She needed a big red beard in order to evoke that image more effectively—and that was about it.

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