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Artsy Gift Baskets

Artists are known for having good and specific taste, so finding a gift for the artist in your life may feel impossible. Never fear, though. There are definitely an endless amount of fun and thoughtful ideas for artists who are both experienced and beginners alike, whether they like to draw, paint, sculpt, or sketch. It might feel difficult to brainstorm an original and creative baby gift basket idea for a baby, but no matter where their passion lies, you can buy them anything from fresh art supplies like watercolor paper, paintbrushes, or stylistic pens, to a paint brush roll or an organizer. Also, if you want to go the route of something more quirky and funny, there are Van Gogh pun shirts and Bob Ross mugs, certain to make any artist laugh. If you’re shopping for an art teacher or mentor, you can also choose something more expressive and small, like an art palette necklace or earrings. So whether you’re looking for a personalized gift, a functional gift, or a funny gift, your gift basket will absolutely flourish with these ideas!


Colored pencils, given in a specialized set, will bring a smile to any artist’s face. They can be used for normal pencil uses, like taking notes, but they can come especially handy when making creative projects. They can mark metal, glass, glazed ceramics, canvases, and more. Enjoy the clean, crisp lines of these specialized pencils, and delight in the way they enhance your art!

Watercolor Set

Not every artist is a painter, but if you know someone who hopes to experiment with paint in any form, a watercolor set might be just the thing. It is an easy and simple method of expressing yourself, and watercolor, unlike other paint, will not stain clothing. Even if your friend does have experience painting, a watercolor set will never hurt. It can provide a fun task on the side, or it can give your friend a way of relaxing from that intense project they are currently working on. Watercolor sets contain a wide range of color and pigmentation, so your friend has limitless options when it comes to trying out creative ideas.


Origami might not be your friend’s artistic specialty, but it is certainly soothing and can even provide a form of meditation. After a long day of putting their heart and soul into their art projects, your friend can destress with the simple rhythm of folding and cutting paper into small, beautiful shapes. Plus, they will be left with cute creatures and flowers like cranes and roses, so they will be reminded of their creative adventures even while walking around the house.


Many might not know it, but puzzles are a simple and rhythmic activity meant to relax after a long day. For your friend who is an artist, they can still engage in the creativity of matching colors, textures, and designs, while not being intensely challenged mentally. Also, if your friend is looking to become more involved in art, a puzzle is the perfect addition to your gift basket because it aids in their perception of the color theory as well as the creation of a masterpiece.


An elegant sketchbook, no matter the experience level of the artist, will allow anybody to romanticize their life. Perfect for practicing future projects, honing your skills, or even just doodling, a sketchbook and all its blank pages provides the perfect empty space to let your imagination run wild. With a set of pencils to pair with it, your friend will one day be able to look back at their drawings and express their gratitude to you for their progress. A sketchbook is the perfect slate for any artist, of any level, to experiment.

Paint Palette

Everyone knows how messy an artist’s paint palette can get. Especially if they have used it for years, they may not have realized or they may not have the time to get a new one. However, with a special occasion like a birthday or a graduation coming up, now is the perfect time to send your friend a new and improved paint palette gift basket in Toronto. Like cleaning up a room, a fresh palette may improve the mental space of your friend and improve the quality of their art as a result! They will doubtlessly appreciate this small but significant addition to their gift basket.

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