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Are Reynaers Aluminum Windows Worth It?

Aluminium windows, doors, and other structures from this profile exhibit significant variations beyond their aesthetics. These differences are evident in their:

  • Durability
  • Hardware quality
  • Thermal efficiency
  • Sound insulation
  • Wind resistance
  • Security features

Considering these factors, the resulting windows can be divided into three price categories: ECONOMY, STANDARD, and PREMIUM.

Belgian company Reynaers Aluminium is renowned internationally for producing and supplying some of the finest profiles for premium transparent structures. With a 10-year warranty on its profiles, the company claims their products are timeless, subtly showcasing their owners’ status. But is this really true? Let’s explore further…

Quality and Standards

A comparison between Reynaers and other manufacturers reveals a noticeable difference immediately. From internal insulation to the outer Coatex coating, Reynaers uses superior materials. The design of their profile series adheres to European quality and style standards, setting a global trend. Reynaers’ window and door series cater to various energy needs, from non-insulated structures to highly insulated buildings and energy-passive houses. This flexibility allows you to choose systems for glazing non-heated areas like summer kitchens, vestibules, or gazebos, as well as for living spaces requiring high energy efficiency.

Profile Series Comparison

For example, the CS 45Pa, CS 59Pa, and ES 45Pa series lack thermal insulation. They do not include polyamide thermal inserts, foam polyethylene, or impact-resistant PVC, making these profiles cold-type. In contrast, Reynaers offers systems with moderate thermal insulation, such as the CS 24-SL and CS 59. These profiles are more popular in warmer climates. About 90% of Reynaers windows, doors, and facades are made from warm profiles with high insulation levels. The MasterLine 10 series is favored for its thermal performance, suitable for energy-passive houses. Other high-insulation systems include CS 77, CS 68, Slim Line 38, and MasterLine 8.

The SlimLine 38 and MasterLine 8 are particularly popular for windows and doors. Slim Line 38 comes in several designs: Classic, Cubic, and Ferro, offering diverse options for designers and architects to create unique exteriors and interiors.

The thermal performance of Slim Line 38 is noteworthy:

  • Sash heights up to 2.8 meters and widths up to 1.2 meters
  • Water resistance: 9A (600 Pa)
  • Wind load resistance: C4 (1600 Pa)
  • Burglary resistance: RC2/WK2
  • Sound insulation: 45 dB
  • Thermal insulation: 1.9 W/m²K
  • These stylish windows and doors are ideal for any heated space, providing high comfort levels.

2. Sliding Constructions

Reynaers’ sliding constructions, especially lift-and-slide mechanisms, are highly popular. The Belgian manufacturer offers series like CP 155 (-LS), the thinner Slim Patio 68 profile, and the new MasterPatio. These sliding portals can support heavy sashes, with profiles designed for sash weights up to 350-400 kg and heights up to 3 meters. Additionally, the thermally insulated Reynaers CF 77 and CF68 profile series are suitable for folding doors based on the “accordion” principle, integrating seamlessly into any interior and exterior design.

3. Facade Systems

For facades, Reynaers offers insulated profile systems like CW 60, CW 65-EF, CW 50, and CW 86 EF.

4. Innovative Solutions

Another unique development by Reynaers is the Sensity series, which allows the creation of aluminum-wood windows. This innovative technology combines the benefits of modern aluminum with traditional wood, offering aluminum-wood doors that resist temperature fluctuations, humidity, and UV rays. The interior wood overlays, made from Italian wood species, provide a warm, wooden appearance while maintaining the exterior strength of aluminum.

Architectural Versatility and Customer Appeal

Designers and architects prefer Reynaers profiles for their ability to meet the demands of nearly any architectural style. Private customers choose Reynaers windows for its genuine quality, durability, convenience, practicality, exclusivity, and uniqueness.

Reynaers continues to build an excellent reputation globally, finding customers and earning trust in every corner of the world!

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