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All You Need To Know About Cerner and Counsol EMR Software

There are many EMR (electronic Medical Record) softwares on the market. While some offer a comprehensive set of features, others are more focused on specific functions or specialties. For example, Counsol are two well-known names in practice management tools. We will be discussing their features, pricing, and demos in this article to help you choose between Cerner or CounSol.

Cerner, a cloud-based EHR software, enables healthcare organizations deliver better care and complete tasks quicker. Cerner EMR can be used in both acute and ambulatory settings. It also covers a wide range of specializations. The Cerner EMR allows for increased productivity through technologies like clinical charting or task automation. Cerner EMR software can help you see more patients and increase your revenue, according to their assessments. Cerner EMR also allows you to electronically store, record and retrieve patient information.

CounSol allows solo practitioners to streamline and benefit their clients. It offers many electronic medical records (EMRs) functions including client notes, insurance claims and appointments as well as billing. The program is easy to use and HIPAA compliant. This makes it a great choice for solo practitioners looking to improve their business efficiency.

Cerner EMR

The Key Features

Patient Engagement Tool

Consumers expect a digital experience in their health care, similar to how they interact with companies in other industries. Digital front doors and digital practices place customers at the heart of their health care journey. They can schedule appointments, navigate their well-being journeys, and engage whenever they are convenient.

Cerner provides a solid solution for member engagement. This allows individuals and their care teams to be continuously aligned and informed. This solution is designed to empower individuals, families and care teams to take an active role in their health and care.

Financial Management

Cerner EHR simplifies financial administration and ensures a smooth revenue cycle. This tool allows you to increase your sales and improve your cost management. Organizations in acute and outpatient settings can use Cerner’s revenue cycle management tools to improve their financial performance, track collections expenditures, and streamline administrative processes.

Medical Charting

Cerner’s EMR software has dynamic documentation capabilities. This application allows for the automatic transmission of charting data at different patient medical file locations. All essential medical information including prescriptions and diagnosis is provided immediately.

Cerner EHR pricing

Pricing for Cerner EHRs varies depending on the size and complexity of your practice. The sales team can provide a quote tailored to each practice for their clinic.

Cerner EMR Demo

Cerner EMR Software can be demoed to help you determine if it is right for you.

Cerner EMR Reviews

The Cerner EMR has received positive reviews from users. It has helped to reduce patient wait times and laboratory testing management. It offers training to new users, so that they can quickly get up and running with the software.


The Key Features

Improved Treatment Plans

CounSol’s user friendly templates make it easy to create therapy plans. These include: Diagnostic descriptions and diagnosis axis codes. Current risk assessments. Concerns/issues. Treatment targets. Treatment approaches. And actions.

Patient Records

CounSol’s encryption technology is state-of the-art and protects client information. Only you will have access to client information. Its Tier IV data center ensures that you don’t lose any data.

Client Billing

You can send your customers email invoices and accept credit cards payments via CounSol’s website by using a third party payment processor. Your customers can pay their bills online using a third-party payment processor without you being present. Your private administrator monitors funds received, notifying you about any outstanding bills.

CounSol EHR Pricing

CounSol offers four pricing levels so that practices of any size can choose the right plan. The standard subscription plan is $49.95 per month, and is intended for practices that don’t accept insurance. Standard Plus costs $59.95 per monthly. This option is for private practices that accept insurance. Premium subscriptions are available for $64.95 per year and include features such as online video chats and calls with patients. It does not include insurance options. Premium Plus costs $69.95.

CounSol EMR Demo

Slides that provide detailed information about the features and functions of CounSol EMR are provided by CounSol EMR. It also gives you access to a sample Secure Client Area, which will help you to see the platform through the eyes of potential clients.

CounSol EMR Review

Many users have reviewed the software online and praised its user-friendliness, secure client records, and affordable pricing. It is especially well-respected for its ability to create detailed treatment plans and an easy way to schedule appointments online.

Last Thoughts

The Cerner electronic medical records are an integrated database that offers many features. Cerner designed it to allow electronic storage, retrieval, and recording of patient information in both acute and outpatient settings.

CounSol, an economic practice management tool for sole practitioners, optimizes enterprise management. The app offers several EMR technologies such as client notes, invoicing, and insurance claims. The app is an excellent option for therapists looking for a cost-effective, user-friendly solution.

It is helpful to see their demos before making a decision between Cerner and CounSol. This will allow you to quickly compare them from the standpoint of your needs. You can also compare their prices by contacting their sales team to request the Cerner EMR cost.

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