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All-new Nissan X-Trail modern design and advanced technology

The sequel to Nissan’s electrified product offensive will officially launch today with the regional launch of the all-new, fourth-generation X-Trail. Nearly 7 million X-Trails have been sold worldwide, making it one of the most popular family adventure cars in the world.

For this new iteration, new Nissan drew inspiration from the DNA that has been well established through the previous three generations of the X-Trail: muscular design, nimble utility and advanced all-wheel drive. The new X-Trail will be available in five- and seven-seat configurations, offering a practical option for outings with large family or friends.

Thanks to the new Alliance CMF-C platform, which embodies cutting-edge engineering, innovation and state-of-the-art technology, the new X-Trail will once again raise the bar in the crossover segment. Customers with a taste for adventure will appreciate the improved dynamic performance and advanced electrification technologies of the new generation X-Trail.

Taking the place of an icon like the X-Trail is a huge responsibility. It has become a vehicle for families to share adventures, so Nissans know what their customers value. For the fourth-generation X-Trail, they’ll give them adventure, with an advanced electrified all-wheel drive system combined with intuitive and convenient technology. benefits, said François Bailly, Executive Vice President, Head of Planning at Nissan. s AMIEO region.

A modern, muscular silhouette creates a sturdy yet modern look

At the heart of the X-Trail’s appeal over the previous three generations is its distinctive styling that provides a reassuring sense of firmness and suppleness without being rough.

The exterior and interior of the new X-Trail reflect the car’s spirit: versatility and adventure. The exterior is accentuated by signature Nissan design cues, such as the floating roof and V-motion grille. The front appearance is surrounded by prominent headlights molded into the body of the front bumper, with integrated daytime running lights and turn signals located along the roofline.

On the face of it, muscular wheel arches at the front and rear give the X-Trail a road presence, while at the base of the doors a recessed unit gives a flowing feel to the transparent door surfaces. . The shape of the C-pillar is reminiscent of a dolphin fin, giving tension to the rear, where the surround lights complete the three-quarter rear look.

From the rear, a horizontal line is taught to run just above and below where the license plate is mounted, while the separate taillights ensure the opening of the trunk. A silver paneling curves under the rear bumper, showcasing the adventurous character of the X-Trail.

Key aerodynamic features include a “3D” tire deflector in the lower front fender, active grille shutters to control airflow into the engine compartment, distinctive A-pillar shape, panels undercarriage to manage airflow underneath the vehicle and a unique “air curtain”. To be frank, it is equal to what leads the direction of airflow, from the front side to the position of the X-Trail.

Customers appreciate individual touches, which is why the new X-Trail will be available in 10 body colors with 5 two-tone combinations, creating 15 variants to choose from.

e-POWER transmission

The new X-Trail will be the second model in Nissan’s European lineup to feature the brand’s innovative e POWER powertrain. Exclusive to Nissan, the e-POWER system is a unique method of electrification, providing electric driving without the need for recharging.

First introduced in Japan on the Note in 2017, it became a best-selling vehicle, with customers loving its combination of smooth, effortless performance and cable-free ownership.

The new X-Trail’s e-POWER system includes a high-performance battery and powertrain integrated with a variable compression ratio petrol engine, generator, inverter and 150 kW front electric motor. This unique powertrain means that power to the wheels comes from only one electric motor, resulting in an instant, linear throttle response. To meet the typical requirements of European consumers and their everyday driving, the e-POWER installation system has been significantly improved for the new X-Trail. The Japanese Note app has a 1.2-litre petrol engine charging the battery, with a final output of 106bhp. For Europe, it was upgraded to a 1.5-litre variable-ratio turbocharged petrol engine, with a final system output of 150 kW (204 hp).

The unique feature of e-POWER is that the gasoline engine is only used to generate electricity, while the wheels are driven entirely by the electric motor. This means the engine can always operate within its optimum range, resulting in outstanding fuel efficiency in urban environments.

Thanks to pure electric motor drive, there is no lag like a traditional hybrid or internal combustion engine. Instant response delivers exhilarating high torque and nimble acceleration to make passing or merging onto the highway easier and more confident.

Integrated with the design of the e-POWER setting is “linear adjustment”, which regulates the operation of the gasoline engine, ensuring that it is running at an appropriate speed relative to the speed of the road, avoiding the influence of conventional hybrid engines. in strong acceleration. A side benefit is the fine-tuning it offers, ensuring the engine only spins at the speed it needs, which is often low in urban and suburban conditions.

In addition to these advantages, the e-POWER powertrain ensures smooth driving, for example at 40 km/h, the sound in the car is reduced by 8 db compared to competitors.

Electronic Pedal

Since 70% of driving time can be spent in suburban areas, Nissan has developed an all-new “one-pedal” driving experience called the e-Pedal Step. Designed to eliminate the repetitive stresses of urban driving at the start of a stop, when the driver frequently moves their foot between the accelerator and the brake, the e-Pedal Step allows the driver to accelerate and brake just by using the accelerator.

The system must first be activated by a switch on the center console and after pressing the accelerator will give normal acceleration. When releasing the accelerator, the e-Pedal Step will brake the X-Trail at 0.2g, which is enough to turn on the brake light and slow down to a “shudder” speed, not a complete stop. This ensures that low-speed parking maneuvers go as smoothly as possible. Drivers will quickly adjust their gas pedal input to maintain a smooth tempo, ensuring urban driving is more intuitive and less demanding.

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