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About the New Action Army AAP-01: The AAP-01C Shinobi

Have you been holding out to get yourself a new airsoft pistol, and the Action Army AAP-01 has caught your eye?

Hang in there a little bit longer because there’s something new from Action Army you should investigate before you pull the proverbial trigger.

It’s the Action Army AAP-01C Shinobi, another snappy, blazing-fast GBB airsoft pistol that’s upgraded from the original.

Here’s what you should know.

How Is the Shinobi Different from the Action Army AAP-01?

The Shinobi AAP-01C offers a few new and improved features over the original Action Army AAP-01 that improve its utility.

Lightweight handling is improved, as is snappiness, thanks to its shorter upper compared to the original. This also entails a shorter barrel that improves snappiness and allows the AAP-01C to point and shoot lightning-quick.

The Action Army AAP-01C Shinobi also boasts an upgraded design that includes rails built into the upper, both above and below the barrel.

This makes adding airsoft attachments like a WML or an optic like a red dot sight a cinch with the Shinobi GBB.

Action Army has also switched the fire control switch to the back of the pistol, making it easier to access, so you can switch from semi-auto to full-auto more quickly and easily. 

It’s also been updated with a stipple-like texture on the grips and parts of the polymer frame, improving ergonomics and comfort.

It also features Marui’s new quick-adjust hop seat, but be aware, the hop is not set from the factory, so if you get one you will need to adjust it prior to use.

That about covers how it’s different; so what features of the original Action Army AAP-01 does it retain?

How Is It the Same?

In a nutshell, this upgrade to the Action Army AAP-01 retains pretty much all of the details you’ve come to appreciate about the original.

It’s still made with a lightweight and tough polymer frame and the lower is effectively unchanged. This means it retains compatibility with most of the parts that were designed for the original.

This means that, among other things, it retains compatibility with Glock-series magazines. (There’s also a 50-round Action Army mag you should get if you use this airsoft pistol, as you’ll be draining airsoft magazines quickly on full-auto.)

It retains the bolt that moves separately from the rest of the upper, improving action cycling and reducing overall wear on the platform.

It preserves the nylon-fiber body of the original, which is both lightweight and strong, as well as the fiber-optic sights. With the addition of a threaded outer barrel you can also easily add muzzle devices to an AAP 01 green gas airsoft pistol.

Like the original it is also blazing fast and full of both semi-auto and full-auto modes of fire, making it highly versatile in a wide range of situations.

It is not only snappy but fast; this airsoft pistol can reach muzzle velocities of up to 320 FPS with .2g airsoft ammo.

Where Can You Get the Guaranteed Lowest Price on One?

Want to get one of these variants of the Action Army AAP-01 for your holster? It would make a good sidearm and there are lots of Action Army parts that you can use to make upgrades.

What you need to do now is find the place where you can get the best deal on it, bar none.

That’s MiR Tactical, about which you can learn more via the previous link. MiR Tactical offers one of the industry’s widest selections of airsoft guns and gear, including Action Army airsoft pistols and parts.

But that’s not the draw here. The key component is everything is available from MiR Tactical covered by a price match guarantee that guarantees the lowest prices, with no airsoft coupon code required.

Visit their website for more details and start stocking up today.

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