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A Roma Lifestyle Hotel Rome

one of my favourite ways to travel to discover new places and culture is through renting an apartment instead of staying at a hotel. Many years ago, my husband and I decided to visit Rome and when we were searching for lodging, we came across an amazing property named ‘A Roma Lifestyle Hotel’ located in the heart of Trustier, the liveliest part of Rome, that offered private apartments equipped with everything needed to make your stay unforgettable…… ever since then we’ve been back several times to enjoy this incredible place!

The Newest Trend in Rome: Design Hotels

Are you looking for an escape that is slightly out of the ordinary? Then, a roman lifestyle hotel is your answer! a roman is different from your average hotels because they offer all the amenities of a luxury resort with a contemporary feel. One thing to keep in mind when traveling to one of these hotels is that they are also known as design hotels- which means they will be completely unique to you. The new, highly desired luxuries in Rome range from sculptures and installations in public spaces, such as Piazza Della Repubblica, to modern designs in fashion, food and everyday objects. These are typically concentrated in fashionable neighbourhoods such as Parilli or the trendy Prate neighbourhood – outside of traditional tourist areas like Vatican City.

The A Roma Lifestyle Hotel in Rome

A Roma Lifestyle Hotel is in the heart of the city, located just 15 minutes away from Rome International Airport and centrally situated on Via Ducat d’Aosta. The historical 16th century building where the hotel is located was restored in 2005 and transformed into this magnificent four-star property that has welcomed well over 100 thousand guests. From its interior to its outdoor terrace, all 132 guestrooms are beautifully furnished with a mix of modern design and antique furnishings. Amenities include air conditioning, minibars and television LCDs, hair dryers with mirrors, safes, and bathtubs for those long soaks.

Where To Stay in Rome

Explore what awaits you at a Roma lifestyle. Where you stay in Rome should be at the centre of your experience. When in Rome, do as the Romans do! Enjoy your vacation by exploring all the neighbourhoods, through the historic centre, where ancient ruins sit on top of modern homes, and eating out until you are stuffed to the gills.

An easy way to explore all corners of the Eternal City is by day-tripping to one of its many towns outside its borders: like Ostia Antica or Tivoli’s Villa diets gardens. And whether you spend a few days or just an afternoon hopping around town, these villas offer up a taste and scenery of life in another time and place.

What’s It Like Inside?

The Roma Lifestyle Hotel Rome is located in the heart of the city’s nightlife, just three minutes from Piazza Della Repubblica. Each of their seven boutique rooms has been crafted to provide a feeling of tranquillity through clever use of colour and design. Free Wi-Fi access is available throughout the property for all guests, and for those who are traveling with pets, their dog-friendly guestrooms come with an extra bed where they can stay during your stay. Make sure you spend at least one evening at the wine bar before heading out on the town or relaxing in their new Turkish bath.

Design Elements That Make It Special

This property is unlike any other in Italy. The experience of a stay at the Roma Lifestyle Hotel Rome starts upon entering the gates with an oasis-like garden that’s full of wildlife and flowers. There are many different spaces to enjoy both inside and outside the building, making it perfect for a relaxing holiday or an exciting family vacation. The space was designed to be as comfortable and relaxing as possible with natural materials like wood, limestone, stone, and silk. Indulge in healthy fare at La Glutinane Restaurant which offers guests fresh produce from the property’s own organic farm! You will not find another roman lifestyle property like this anywhere else in Europe.

Why The Lights Are Out

My cousin just showed me this new business she’s starting. They’re opening a Roma Lifestyle Hotel in Rome, Italy! This should be a huge step up from the most basic hotels on vacation. The rooms will all have Wi-Fi, and they’ll have exclusive deals with transportation so that tourists can get around quickly and easily. Plus, they’ll provide everything you might need for your trip: local tours and advice, airport shuttle, luggage storage, clothes washing service and travel insurance. I think it sounds amazing!

They’ve got big plans for the business, including opening a franchise in the future which would make it easy for other people to open their own Roma Lifestyle hotels all over the world.


An experience at a Roma lifestyle hotel in Rome is not only memorable, it’s also blissful. You won’t be disappointed with the hospitality and care they show their guests. Step outside the box, step out of your comfort zone. Take a journey to a new place that has everything you need to achieve balance: rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation for your mind and body. The rich history within the building itself will captivate you with awe; leave time for yourself to take in everything this magical place has to offer. Remember – life begins here.

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