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4 Reasons Why Engagement Rings Are Valued

Engagement season is all year round! Time to swipe that card at the best high-end jewellery store you can discover. The decision to propose to someone is not a simple feat. This person is quite literally the rest of your life. Placing that special ring on their finger symbolizes that promise to one day say “I, do.” This is why engagement rings are all the rage when it comes to deciding that it’s time to propose to your significant other. As marriage is an eternal promise, the right engagement ring has a diamond that lasts forever. Here are 4 reasons why there is the hype behind these engagement rings: 

  1. Historical Value 

Throughout history, the ring was given to encompass a deeper level of commitment to your partner. You have moved out of the courting phase and now moving towards marriage. It all traces back to ancient Rome when the wives placed rings attached to tiny keys to show that they belong to their husbands. 

Afterward in 1477, an Archduke of Austria proposed to Mary of Burgundy with a diamond ring. This trend then spread like wildfire across Europe and is now a symbol of a commitment heading towards marriage across the globe! You can now order engagement rings online for the best value for money. So you don’t have to break the bank and can still receive an excellent quality ring. 

Engagement Rings
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  1. A Symbol of Eternal Love 

Now bringing it back into 2022, love is still flowing rampantly even though the dating game has surely altered. The majority of people on this planet are still craving love. Affection from that special romantic partner that they can rely on and trust. 

Human beings were never meant to be isolated and a symbol of love highlights this. Diamond rings are known as eternal, lasting forever, and indestructible. This is why their popularity is unmatched compared to the other gems in the market. An engagement ring is a promise that you will stand the test of time. 

  1. A Sign of Committing

If anything is lacking in most of the new world and in 2022 relationships, it is definitely a commitment. If you have been blessed to find someone devoutly committed to you, then placing an engagement ring is the best way to show off that eternal commitment. 

Posts on Instagram pages and updating Facebook relationship statues are child’s plays. Engagement rings take your commitment and your relationship to the next level. It represents the lifelong commitment you wish to make to one another to the rest of the world.

  1. A Tangible Reminder 

Let’s be real memories fade and sometimes cues can help in triggering your memory. Wouldn’t it be beautiful to know that your engagement ring could help you go back to that special moment years after marriage? It is a tiny but expensive ring, worth every penny, and screams a thousand words of love. As time passes the engagement ring can serve as a reminder of that unique proposal. Make you recall all the reasons you fell deeply in love in the first place. 

Engagement rings will always be around, for eternity, and represent it!

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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