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9 tips to choose the best colours for your office room

The choice of colour for your office depends on what you want in the office room. The role of colours in office décor has always been profound and far-reaching. The colour of the office sets the tone and the ambience of the office room. While embarking on a journey to colour your office room could be exciting, it is best to consult interior decorators in Bangalore rather than going solo. There are a few tips which might come in handy when you choose the best colour for your office room.

  1. Colours communicate at the very onset and so it is important to define what you want the visitors to feel and communicate that through your colours in your office. For example, too much white can communicate in a bare, sterile and sort of strict environment while off white can be peaceful and relaxing. While lilac represents a romantic mood ideal for a cosy coffee shop, the bright orange and green splash might suit a children-friendly driveway!
  2. Colours Brand your product as the colours are the most easily processed and retained longer, companies use the colours to brand their product very effectively. If you want your office to speak the language of your company’s brand then it makes sense to use the same colour and shade as your brand
  3. Colours lighten up the room and so it pays to remember that the colours and lights of the room need to be aligned. The effect of the light can be accentuated only if paired with the right lights. Also, the position of the light can affect the colour reflection too. Both light and colour go hand in glove.
  4. Colour attracts the person as it is the first thing to catch the eye. Studies claim that most people decide in the first ninety seconds if they like a particular object or not based on just the looks. Colours are not only noticed right away but are also retained in the mind longer and so leave a lasting impression.
  5. Colour enhances Productivity. Bright colours like orange or red actually liven up the mood of the inmates and induce higher energy. This in turn enhances the enthusiasm and productivity of the workforce.
  6. Colour excites and soothes. With a very subtle yet deep impact on the mood of the people, colours can actually change the mood of the person. For example, light ocean blue can relax the person just as subtle shades of peach while orange can pep up the person’s mood almost instantly.
  7. Colour accentuates creativity. With different emotions and moods attached to colours, it is easy to overlook the fact that colours help complement each other. A mix of colours like a splash of orange or bright pink on a black background can actually pipe up the tone greatly. Trigger your creativity and pour your emotions into them to communicate the image of the office to your clients.
  8. Colour spaces in and spaces out. Every interior designer in Bangalore worth his salt would know how the use of colours can make a small room look spacious. Similarly, certain colours and combinations of them can actually make a large room come in, making it cosier. Right colour combinations can actually influence our perception of the size of the room. The perception may not exactly be the truth!
  9. Colour can give a professional look most easily. While any professional look would mean investing in furniture and décor, a purple setting with offset white can create an immediate formal ambience without much ado.

Colours play a major role in what the office room communicates to the visitors and so choose the colours remembering the above-mentioned tips. Remember they merely bring out the cause and effect of the colours, the image and the persona of the office are decided by you.

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