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8 Important Facts to Remember while Shifting from Delhi to Bangalore

Shifting your house is one of the most painstaking and stressful activities in the world. Most of us do not want to come out of our comfort zones and shift to a city to start afresh. Relocation is a major sway in your life and involves ample risk and expenses. Yet intercity shifting is quite a common incident in many of our lives. We move from one city to another in search of better career prospects and enhanced lifestyles.

But undergoing this transition phase from one city to another is not a blissful experience. You can make your house swift and effortless by hiring professional packers and movers from Delhi to Bangalore. Do not hesitate. Hire professionals to execute your move in the best way possible. In the following pointers, you can check out the 8 important facts to remember while shifting from Delhi to Bangalore:

1. Plan your move

House shifting is an intricate process. There are too many tasks that you need to do at the same time. If you do not plan your move, you cannot conduct the entire episode in the right way. So, plan out the basic aspects of your move. Fix the date of your move and the budget for your move. While deciding the moving date, be careful as it affects the moving budget. Choose a date that is at least 2 to 4 months ahead of the current date. This will allow you enough time to prepare for the intercity move.

If you want to shift on a budget, choose to move on a weekday in the middle of a month. If you have the liberty to move any time of the year, choose to move during winter. It is the off-season in the moving industry due to less customer demand. The house shifting charges are low these times. You can use a packers and movers cost calculator online to estimate shifting charges in advance.

2. Create a moving checklist

Once you plan out the date and budget for the intercity move, it is time to prepare. Start your preparations by creating a moving checklist. Schedule all the tasks that you need to complete before the moving day for the move to be successful. Do not delay by procrastinating. Complete all the preparations within the stipulated period to move stress-free.

3. Choose a moving company

Choosing your moving company is easier said than done. You need to find the best packers and movers from Delhi to Bangalore that has proper infrastructure and equipment facilities. Again, the moving company should be genuine and experienced. They should also be able to meet your preferences and budget. Even though there are plenty of packers and movers in Delhi, not all are authentic.

To find a suitable moving company in your area, ask your friends, neighbours, and co-workers for recommendations. You should conduct online research to find moving companies near your location. Check their websites and read the reviews of the customers who have already availed of their services. You can ask for recommendations from the moving experts by enquiring online or calling their helpline number. They will send you the verified contact details of the 3 top movers in Delhi. Call them to get their quotations and compare them to choose the most affordable option.

4. De-clutter your house

As you conduct house shifting from Delhi to Bangalore, you should not carry everything under the roof. Instead, de-clutter your house and figure out the inessentials. You can choose to sell, donate, or discard these items. De-cluttering will help you reduce the size of your move thereby reducing the moving expenses.

5. Keep your valuables safe

Even if you decide to move with the professionals, you need to perform a few preparatory tasks on your own. You should pack your valuable items in a separate bag and keep them under your supervision. Pack certain valuables like jewellery, expensive watches, dainty electronic gadgets, important documents, credentials, etc. Carry the bag containing the valuables with you while shifting from Delhi to Bangalore. 

6. Get insured

The safety of your belongings is your priority during the intercity move. Always avail of moving insurance from your packers and movers in Delhi. This will guarantee the safety of your belongings on the move. If there is any loss or damage to your goods, your movers will compensate your losses without any delay.

7. Handle the utilities

While moving from Delhi to Bangalore, make sure that you disconnect the utility services in Delhi by calling the local utility operators. Again, call the utility providers in Bangalore and ask them to connect you with new subscriptions on the day of your arrival. Some of the major utility services are electricity connection, water connection, gas connection, DTH connection, internet connection, and trash pickup services.

8. Get warehousing facilities

As you move from Delhi to Bangalore, you may not be able to finalise a long-term accommodation beforehand. Get warehousing facilities from your packers and movers in Delhi and keep your goods safe under their custody. The warehouses are safe and equipped with CCTV cameras for 24X7 surveillance.


To carry out your intercity house shifting from Delhi to Bangalore in a hassle-free manner, follow the abovementioned 8 important facts. Remember that packers and movers offer a range of services. Apart from house shifting, they can offer you services for warehousing & storage, bike transportation, and car transportation. So, analyse your actual needs first and decide to hire the best moving company from Delhi to Bangalore that suits your needs and budget.

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