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8 ideal apps for writers

Although many writers today are not very adept at new technology, it should be noted that it can greatly facilitate work and even optimize time when writing. Nowadays there are applications, such as digital stores, online readers, tools to facilitate tasks, and more tools for all types of fields, and writing is no exception. To do this, you have to take into account which one will be most appropriate for what you are writing. Do you need an app that suggests synonyms and corrects your grammar or one that helps you concentrate? Do you prefer to write in fragments, save everything automatically in the cloud or have the final preview of how everything would look in a book? 

Below we offer you a summary of some of the best-rated applications on the market so that – regardless of the type of writer you are – you can find the writing application that best suits you.

1) Evernote

It has a friendly design, since it is quite similar to a notebook, and you can outline your ideas with just a few clicks. This writing app is not limited to simple text, but you can also insert photos next to the paragraphs. Plus, it syncs easily with all your devices, from computers to Android and iOS, ideal for taking notes at any time and writing down pending tasks. One of the features that the most popular bloggers highlight the most is that it has a free version that offers the possibility of creating all the notes you want and is very useful for creating small eBooks.

2) IA Writer

If you want a distraction-free app for writing articles and blog posts, IA Writer will be your favorite app.

IA Writer is a minimalist writing app suitable for handling smaller projects. To write without distractions, it has some tools to highlight only what you are writing and blur what came before. You can also highlight specific words with different colors to help you see repetitions or identify common errors. Finally, everything you write is exportable to both PDF and Word. It makes your work much easier and has specific functionalities that will help you create much more refined and quality content.

3) Notion  

One of the favorite applications of movie script writer for hire. Always ready to use anywhere, whether on your computer or your phone. It contains a wide variety of pre-designed templates so you can start writing your own book or blog in an easy, clear and organized way. If you want to schedule checklists of your progress, references to books and websites that you like, you can also do so in this free writing app. And if you are writing a book collaboratively or looking to edit a book in real time with your work team, in Notion everyone can get into action in one place and time.

4) Scrivener

Would you like to see your finished book? Scrivener will be your perfect tool for that. In this application – in addition to writing texts – you can plan, manage all the chapters of your book and join them to see the result. By using Scrivener, you will be able to organize all the information regarding your writing and you will even be able to set goals and objectives. The only point to keep in mind with Scrivener is that it is a paid app, but you have 30 days free to see if it is really worth it. 

5) Jotter Pad

If you are one of those looking for a basic and easy-to-use book writing application, Jotter pad is ideal. Unlike other applications, it closely resembles the simplicity of a typewriter. It has a simple, clean interface, without distractions; You can choose different fonts and text sources, and it also offers you synonyms so you can enrich your vocabulary. You can save the content to Dropbox, One Drive or Google Drive, but if you don’t have an internet connection, it still allows you to edit. When you finish your work, you can export it to PDF, .doc or .rtf, among other formats. The app is available for free on Android and iOS, while its Pro plan will give you full access.

6) Ulysses  

It is considered one of the best applications for screenplay ghostwriters for hire, as it offers everything you need to write your books directly from your iPhone and get organized in the market. It stands out for its interface optimized for phones, with a simple and intuitive workspace that is also customizable. It contains navigation bars and a keyboard with all the necessary tools to edit text such as footnotes, line breaks, adding comments, etc. On the other hand, the software does an advanced review of the content you write, from grammar to font or style. In addition, it contains one of the most complete packs of organizational tools, from taking notes to writing a novel. Basically, you will be able to manage your writing goals, apply filters and add multimedia material. The best thing about this app is that you can synchronize it with the cloud you like the most so as not to lose your project and you can export your files in PDF, e-book or HTML format and publish with WordPress, Ghost or Medium. The download is free, but requires a subscription plan to use all its functions.  

7) Dragon Naturally Speaking

This app offers professional tools that convert speech to text and gives its users flexibility in how they can communicate or process information. It is ideal and really useful if you want to increase your productivity or if you are under deadlines. It is easy to use and its advanced speech engine and deep learning technology allows the user to create a dictation and transcription with up to 99% accuracy.

8) Mind Node

Are you one of those who needs a little help to organize your thoughts when writing? Then this app is for you. Mind Node is a simple, yet powerful mind mapping program available in the Mac App Store for machos and iOS, which can help you organize your thoughts and make sense of messy ideas and plans. It makes it easy to put your ideas on paper and see the big picture without struggling to tie up loose ends or get bogged down in specific tasks or goals. It can quickly and easily turn your outlines, to-do lists, storyboard ideas, or other brainstorms into an easy-to-understand, well-organized map for you to view. It can even be great for organizing storyboards and creative writing ideas. It can help you select a location or main character and branch out related traits that can then be expanded as much as you want. It is undoubtedly a worthwhile app for your organization. 

Every writer has unique needs and wants, and as you can see, we have listed different apps that can help you as a writer do your work much more effectively.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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