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7 Strategies to Build Quality CBD Backlinks

Over the past few years, CBD products’ popularity has been rising due to their potential health benefits. It has now become a best-selling daily supplement on the market. With such a well-liked product, the brand rivalry is sure to be fierce, especially online. A method to stand out from the crowd in the digital world is known as backlinks. Backlinking has been used for a while to improve the position of your eCommerce business in search engines, and when done correctly, it works.

In the CBD industry, Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing are the way you can make your business’s future bright. So, this post entails a comprehensive guide to building quality CBD backlinks for the growth of your business.

1. Produce Quality Content

When building CBD backlinks for a specified term or page, a lot of outreach and communication with other websites usually occurs. It would help if you supplied the website lead with a viewpoint as a marketer that adds value to their piece and its prospective viewers. That is content marketing’s aim. Other websites can benefit by providing helpful resources through research and well-written content.

2. Guest Posting

A great technique to build links is guest posting. This strategy is excellent since it enables you to target your anchor text precisely. However, the post’s author can change the affiliate links anytime. Thus, you will be at their mercy when you engage in backlink outreach.

In addition, the main drawback is the time needed to conduct thorough research and write an excellent guest post. However, it expands your content net by using a website’s viewership. Additionally, it enables more substantial innovation, which is a fantastic strategy if you place a premium on quality rather than quantity.

SEO backlinks

Broken links are bad because they make websites harder to understand and raise bounce rates. Blogs are aware of this, and if you can locate a broken link to a rival article on their website and quickly create a replacement, you may claim the inbound links associated with it.

SEO web crawlers offer great insight into a website’s backlink and traffic structure. They are excellent for understanding how a rival operates behind the scenes. An extensive study of your competitor’s site structure, visitor volume, and link data are available by putting their domain URL in the crawler’s search engine. You may also locate any blogs connected to a competitor’s broken links here.

After locating the list of 404 error pages, click on each one you have to send to the corresponding article, write, or find a related piece on your website, and notify the author that the article has a broken link and that there is a problem with their website. Most of the time, after they become aware of the issue, they will swap out the damaged link for yours. You get a link from a rival, and the competitor’s website features new information from your blog.

Link building

4. Podcasts and Interviews

You can also create backlinks for your company through renowned podcasts and interviews. These formats are becoming quite popular again, despite what you may believe. First, the formats you are all accustomed to underwent a considerable change. After then, they also underwent digitalization, and today, they are on the verge of regaining appeal on a global scale.

Podcast hosts and interviewers are seizing every opportunity to discuss the hot themes in this industry, including the legalization of cannabis, the rise in popularity of CBD products, and a few other subjects that are trending.

Every interview or podcast episode needs a guest to increase the program’s interest. Expect to receive several interview and podcast invitations if your brand becomes sufficiently relevant. This is a great chance to advertise your company, but it does not imply that you must wait for an invitation. Many companies get in touch with podcasts and interviews where they would like to be guests. You will probably get an invitation because big projects always see new contests. In addition, you will receive a worthwhile backlink from these programs’ digital counterparts, which will help spread the word about your website to a large audience.

5. Testimonials & Reviews

If correctly phrased and packaged, testimonials and reviews are the most straightforward approaches to creating high-quality backlinks. If you can sneak your link into a comment on one of the many websites that enable people to make comments, reviews, or testimonials on virtually any piece of content, you have just successfully earned a backlink.

Assume that the recommendation is highly promotional or just poorly written. In that instance, the webmaster could delete it, but if you provide a testimonial for your product or a comparable one and present it unobtrusively, obtaining backlinks in this manner will be simple.


6. Ask Your Partners/Distributors/Suppliers

Ask for a connection to your website if you collaborate with a company or are a favored vendor or supplier. They will be more likely to connect to you because you have already established a commercial relationship with them and provide a valued service.

Several companies already have partner pages to show who they do business with. This should be a simple request and a quick approach to earn a trustworthy white hat backlink to your website if they are not already doing so.

7. Cannabis Infographics

In this modern world, you often tend to scan more than read. Infographics refer to those visual content that you may scan and share conveniently. That’s why you must turn blog posts into graphs, flow charts, or tables that one can scan. Moreover, it saves time too.

Enhancing the metadata will improve your Google and Pinterest rankings. Optimize and include photos in your blog posts to gain backlinks, promote them on social media platforms, and publish the articles to infographic websites.

Your infographic could be featured on other trustworthy websites and act as a backlink after you reach a certain amount of social media shares.

Wrapping Up

Link building requires time, resources, and patience. However, building high-quality, contextually relevant links will significantly impact your site’s authority and overall search rank. You can tell in the long run whether your link-building efforts were worthwhile; therefore, seizing the moment while it is still favorable will offer you an edge. However, the methodology and algorithm used to rank search results are intricate. So, follow the above strategies and make top-quality backlinks for your CBD business. You can also hire a trustworthy service to handle your link development.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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