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7 Best Backlink Checker Tools – Free & Paid

Do you wish to investigate the origins of the links that go to your website (backlinks)? Or perhaps you should investigate the backlinks of a competitor?

Backlinks are inbound links that point to your website and can help improve your search engine results and traffic.

This article will provide a comparison of the top backlink checker tools, which you can use to audit the backlink profile of a competitor’s website as well as the backlink profile of your own website.

What Are Backlinks and Why Are They Important?

A link to your website that is located on another website is referred to as a backlink. Backlinks, from the perspective of search engines, are comparable to votes cast in favor of your website. When you have more links pointing to your website, search engines are more likely to place it higher in the results they display.

However, not all backlinks are created equal in their effectiveness. The most valuable backlinks come from significant and well-known websites. Backlinks coming from websites that are known to distribute spam or that have a questionable reputation can do more harm than good to your website.

The next thing you should do after installing a WordPress SEO plugin such as All in One SEO or Yoast and adhering to the best practices is to plan out your backlink strategy.

You can get backlinks to your website in a variety of ways, but the process should always begin with using a backlink checker to examine the backlinks already in place for both your website and the websites of your competitors.

In light of this, let’s have a look at some of the most effective tools for monitoring the backlinks of any website.

1. Semrush

When it comes to a checker for backlinks, we strongly advise using Semrush. It is one of the most effective keyword research tools available, and it comes equipped with a wide variety of potent capabilities that allow you to examine backlinks.

Sign in to your Semrush account, navigate to the ‘Backlink Analytics’ menu option, and then type in the name of the website whose backlinks you are interested in analyzing. After that, you will see a ton of information regarding the domain and the backlinks it has.

If there is a certain part of this overview that you are interested in learning more about, you can simply click the link that is located beneath that part to access the entire report.

You may verify the links on your website by using Semrush, which can assist you identify any problems, such as poor-quality links, if there are any. In point of fact, Semrush simplifies this process for you by enabling you to view the total number of links that are contained on a page that links to you. A spammy website could be indicated by the fact that the page has hundreds of links.

When it comes to the backlinks of your competitors, you may utilize Semrush to discover which high-authority websites are linking to them, which keywords they are ranking for, and a great deal more information. This can provide you with a comprehensive list of sites to target for the construction of your own backlinks.

Try out the Semrush discount to get more off on your yearly plan.

2. All in One SEO (AIOSEO)

The most effective SEO plugin for WordPress is called All in One SEO (AIOSEO). Because it is used by over 3 million experts, the plugin makes it very simple to optimize your website for search engines without having you to have any prior knowledge of how to do so or to hire a specialist.

AIOSEO has a function called Link Assistant, which assists you in checking the internal backlinks that are present on your website. Internal backlinks, also known as internal links, are used to connect one page or post to another within a website.

Using AIOSEO Link Assistant, you may improve the quality of the internal links in your WordPress site and raise your SEO score.

It helps identify orphan pages, which are pages that have no ties to other parts of the site, and it provides advice for how to construct internal linkages. There is even an option to automatically add several internal connections in bulk with just one click of the mouse.

In addition, the Link Assistant makes it possible to view potential linking opportunities across a variety of blog posts and pages. This not only saves you time, but it also guarantees that you won’t overlook the opportunity to create an internal link that could be beneficial to your site.

Aside from that, AIOSEO enables you to do an audit of the outbound links on your website to check for broken links and confirm that there are none.

3. LinkMiner

Backlink analysis is the primary focus of LinkMiner’s development. Because it is a tool provided by Mangools, you will need an account with Mangools in order to utilize it.

LinkMiner allows you to filter links in the same ways that other tools do, such by nofollow, deleted, new, and lost.

You may want to take advantage of the function that allows you to mark certain hyperlinks as “favorites” so that you can quickly access them again in the future. This could be an excellent technique to whittle down the list of backlinks to competitors’ websites that you want to target.

You might also utilize this function to keep track of your own backlinks that you want to fix in the event that you decide to do so. You might, for instance, make a list of the backlinks that you’ve lost and the ones that you wish to work on regaining.

Although LinkMiner does not have all of the capabilities that SEMRush does, it is an excellent choice for those on a limited budget.

It is highly recommended that you use it in conjunction with Mangools’ SiteProfiler in order to view information such as the total number of backlinks and the top referring websites for a website.

4. Moz Pro

The SEO software suite that Moz offers is called Moz Pro, and it comes with a tool called Link Explorer.

Link Explorer is able to provide you with a comprehensive link profile of your website, which you can then contrast with the link profiles of up to four of your competitors. This enables you to determine what it is that your competitors might be doing differently from you.

In addition to that, it comes with a useful feature known as Link Intersect, which allows you to identify websites that link to your competitors but not to you. These websites are excellent ones to focus on when trying to build links.

Moz, just like the other tools that we’ve looked at, gives you the ability to see what backlinks you’ve lost. You now have the opportunity to work toward having those links repaired or replaced.

You will have access to all of Moz’s other SEO tools, in addition to the backlink tools that are provided. These include Rank Checker, which evaluates the performance of your site in search engines, as well as Campaigns, which tracks and analyzes your website.

5. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is meant to allow you to assess not just your own content but also the content of your competitors. You may utilize it to aid you with your backlink strategy, in addition to being an excellent method for coming up with ideas for topics to write about.

You just need to type in a term or the name of a domain, and it will show you the content that is the most popular overall for that particular keyword or for that particular domain. After that, you may view the content’s backlinks by selecting any one of the results and clicking the link symbol that appears next to it.

You can also type in the URL of a certain piece of content to view only the hyperlinks that point to that specific piece of information. Discovering which websites are linking to the most popular posts made by your competition is possible using this method.

You can locate the pages that connect to a particular URL or domain by using their Backlinks tool, which is very basic. A quick glance will show you all of the hyperlinks that are associated with your competition.

You have the ability to quickly filter the hyperlinks to examine ones from different time periods, ranging from the most recent 24 hours to the most recent 5 years.

You may also try Semrush Free Trial to get started with your website audit.

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