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5 Reasons to become a PRINCE2®  practitioner – and how you can do it

Let’s face it, project management is one of the most hectic and toughest jobs out there. Extensive software projects have plenty of silos that work together to keep the pipeline operating smoothly. Systematic project management tools ensure that every part is churning out their work for the day and one of the best software in the business is undoubtedly PRINCE2®. If you’re still on the fence, trying to decide which project management tool to pursue, then we’ll give you five reasons to study PRINCE2®.

  • 1. You get to work with the industry standard:

Whether you begin your journey in project management or are an experienced manager, remember that PRINCE2®  is the industry standard when it comes to ensuring the smoothest of workflows. It is so good that’s also been endorsed by the UK Government as the best method to implement effective project management. 

It’s considered one of the benchmarks in the industry and a necessary qualification by plenty of the biggest software corporations in the world. It’s pretty much what you need to give your career the boost it needs.

2.  It’s one of the fastest certifications you can get:

PRINCE2® has two separate certifications. The good news – you can complete them in a short span. The entry-level course doesn’t take more than 20 to 50 hours to complete and the PRINCE2® Practitioner and Professional levels can be done in a matter of 2-3 days if you’re competent enough. If you’re starting out, then it’s better to always take it slow and absorb all the information at your own pace.

Once you grasp the concepts right, you’re well on your way to complete the other packages and other classifications easily.

3. You’re automatically more employable:

One of the perquisites a lot of companies ask from Project Managers is PRINCE2®  qualifications. It is a solid piece of software to learn because it can be used for both entry-level employees and experienced project managers as well. Once you complete the qualification, you can apply for a Project Administrator, Co-ordinator and plenty of other roles as well. 

Once you are practitioner qualified, becoming a hardcore Project Manager and Co-ordinator is the next big move you can easily achieve. 

4. You get to travel; you get paid:

Sounds like the perfect deal, right? That’s what you get once you complete your course and search for a job. PRINCE2® jobs start off with a minimum salary of 6 LPA and work up from there. The more experience you garner over the years, your salary is bound to increase proportionately and exponentially. 

Also, PRINCE2® also opens the doors of the world because it is a universal course. If you end up doing well at a project, you’ll be employable to the top companies around the world. Keep your eyes peeled for the next big opportunity because you just could end up grabbing it and changing your life!

5. Finally, projects become a breeze:

Except they’re not. But they will be. Project management is a complex process and delivering one successfully requires several factors and mini-projects to come together. These also must come with the required quality within the required budget. 

The course allows you as a manager to successfully deliver projects and ensure your deadlines are met and contribute massively to the profits of your company. Your core KPIs are easily achieved and the best part about PRINCE2® is that it’s completely flexible and can be retrofitted to a project of any size. 

So, how do you become a PRINCE2® practitioner?

To begin your journey as a practitioner, you need to complete the Foundation and Practitioner courses. Foundation teaches you all about the terminologies and principles related to PRINCE2®. With it, you can act as a qualified member of a project management team by implementing the methodologies you’ve learned. 

The PRINCE2® Practitioner course is the higher qualification and allows you to apply PRINCE2® to manage projects as a lead. You can tune it according to the nature of the project and the course gives you extensive knowledge of the principles, processes and themes related to PRINCE2® products. 

You start off with a PRINCE2® certification and you could end up having a rewarding career that lasts long. Make sure you’re always up to date with the latest happenings in the project management landscape to get the best results. With the course, you could end up managing projects of all sizes, and travel abroad as an expert to solve any blockages in the project pipelines. 

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