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6 Ways To Use Washi Tape In Your Scrapbooking

Washi tape, a Japanese decorative tape typically made of cloth, has been growing in popularity around the world as scrapbooking crafters are using it to achieve unique and beautiful page borders, photo embellishments, and more. But what exactly is washi tape? And how do you use washi tape in your scrapbooking projects? Continue reading to learn 6 ways to use washi tape in your scrapbooking projects!

1) Create Beautiful Borders

Washi tape is a versatile tool for scrapbookers. It can be used for page borders, embellishments, and more. One of my favorite ways to use washi tape is print your own washi tape! This way you can create custom colors and patterns that fit your design style perfectly. The easiest way to do this is by using your printer and some card stock paper.

2) Decorate Your Photos

Have you ever wanted to print your own washi tape? It’s simple! Just follow these steps:

1) Print the desired pattern onto a transparency.

2) Trim down the printed transparency and cut into strips about an inch wide.

3) Put a piece of clear tape on one end of the strip and then put another piece of clear tape on the other end so that it looks like two pieces are stuck together.

4) Cut off any excess from both ends, then carefully apply this new washi tape onto your scrapbook project! You can print different patterns on top of each other for even more flair.

5) If you want to change up the look, take out the scrapbook paper or embellishment that is under the washi tape and place a new one there instead.

6) Don’t forget to print out lots of extra sheets for when you want to switch things up in the future!

3) Use Washi Tape As Embellishments

One of the most popular ways to use washi tape is as an embellishment. It can be used as a border, a finishing touch on your page, or for adding details such as words, shapes and patterns. If you would like to print your own washi tape at home, try using a printer with a photo paper setting. Simply print the design of your choice onto photo paper and cut it out into thin strips. When you apply it to your scrapbook page, make sure that the adhesive side is facing down so that when you peel off the backing, the adhesive stays stuck to your project!

-Cover photos: Another fun way to use washi tape is by sticking pieces on top of photos. You could create a layer over images or just around them – either way will provide instant color and interest.

-Create borders: Borders are one of those things that give a layout some definition and personality – they let us know where different areas begin and end. That’s why many people choose to use washi tape instead of more traditional options such as ribbon.

4) Make Your Own Patterned Paper

You can make your own patterned paper using washi tape. You can also use washi tape to create texture on a scrapbook page or other project. To do this, use the textured side of the tape on paper or cardstock. Create patterns by overlapping and cutting pieces of washi tape. Layer different colors for more vibrant designs that are sure to add some fun and personality to any project! Try layering strips of the same color so they look like striped ribbons! Stick with one color family or mix it up by adding different shades and tones of similar colors together to create something completely new and exciting!

Washi tape is great for embellishing gift bags, cards, scrapbooks and other projects because it comes in so many beautiful colors. It can be used as ribbon too: wrap around packages, use as ties for bows or just fold into adorable bows that really finish off a handmade gift nicely. For an even quicker way to dress up an envelope (without all the wrapping!), cover it with washi tape before stamping on an address; then seal it closed with one strip going lengthwise across the back seam.

5) Label Your Scrapbooking Supplies

Washi tape is a type of decorative paper tape from Japan that comes in various colors, patterns, and designs. It can be used for scrapbooking, card making, gift wrapping, decorating your home and more. Here are six ways you can use washi tape in your crafting projects:

1) Add a finishing touch to the edges of your cards by using washi tape as a border around the edges of the card or on top. You could also do both!

2) Make gift wrapping easier by covering gifts with washi tapes before adding ribbon and bows. The patterned paper will make it look more festive without having to wrap it too carefully. You could also use it to label what’s inside the package if you’re giving someone multiple presents.

3) A fun way to dress up bookmarks is by attaching them onto washi tape; this makes them last longer because they won’t fray at the ends. Plus, this way they’ll stand out among all other bookmarks.

4) Keep track of your pages in notebooks or albums with stickers shaped like flowers, circles, hearts etc.

5) Place strips of washi tape onto glass jars filled with candy or small trinkets so guests know what’s inside without opening them up first.

6) Get Creative With Die Cuts

Die cuts are the perfect way to make scrapbooking more personal and unique. I love using die cuts for layering, accents, and different shapes. Die cuts also come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes that can be used for any project. These are my favorite ways to use diecuts – Stick them on top of patterned paper to add texture. – Make photo matts by cutting photos into smaller squares and sticking them onto cardstock or patterned paper with washi tape as an accent. – Try using larger die cuts (like flowers) as accent pieces on your page instead of stickers or other embellishments. – Layer two diecut shapes together (like hearts) for an interesting effect that you might not see otherwise. – Cut out a shape from felt or cardstock, then put it in front of another paper cutout to create a shadow effect or extra dimension. The possibilities are endless!

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