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6 Ways To Build Email List With Blog Posts

It’s been repeated a million and one times: “The money is in this list!”

Did you still believe that statement, or were you skeptical enough to take the first steps in building your list? It doesn’t matter how many thoughts you may have; the truth is that it doesn’t matter. The money is really on the list. Successful blog owners don’t waste time writing. They invest in their content marketing when they buy blog posts instead of spending days writing about their niche and business. 

There are many marketing hypes. These are all from so-called experts. If someone tells a person to build an email list, they have given them the best internet marketing advice. It’s not just hype, my dear. It’s simply the truth. It’s essential to approach email marketing creatively, or you risk failure.

Let’s examine six extraordinary ways to build a list with blog posts quickly. There are goldmines within the lines – please read carefully.

1. Use the Optin form on the blog header

You don’t need to wait for your blog popularity to build up and attract thousands upon thousands of readers before you start collecting leads. The best time and date to start is right now. Add the options link to your blog header.

The header is the most critical area of a blog that people will notice when they visit it. They may want to know what the blog’s name is.

The header is where your logo and unique selling point live in most cases. There are many email marketing tools (autoresponders). Don’t use free autoresponders if you are starting.

You don’t require them to build a profitable blog. Email marketing is more complex than you think. Treating it half-baked won’t produce the desired results. Before publishing a single article, you must add the options link to the header.

2. Win Trust With Helpful Articles

Did you know that a helpful and valuable post earns you points from readers? Yes, that’s right.

It means that you should picture your readers’ needs and address at most one of them when you write.

Trust is the key ingredient to staying alive online. If you aren’t valued highly by anyone, they won’t be willing to give out their data (name and email addresses). It is difficult for many people to build a mailing list because there isn’t trust.

It all begins with your blog post. Make it sticky. Research the topic before you put pen to paper. Do not write from your head. You will find news and hot trends all over the web. Use them to create valuable posts. Readers will subscribe, buy your product(s), and become fans.

3. Subscribe To My Blog

The more people click your posts, the more subscribers they’ll likely have. You can’t make anyone click on your post to read; instead, you give them a reason.

Make sure your headline is catchy. Brian Clark claims that the headline of an article is the most potent and crucial part. Could you not assume it is a given? The headline must communicate a substantial benefit to the reader or spark curiosity. In my blogging career, it was obvious that titles with figures performed better. I’m referring to the fact that you should be specific with your title (see the headline below, it says “6”)

If you’re creative enough to channel readers to your squeeze page, you can turn them into subscribers. Nothing stops them from learning more if the headline is strong enough to get them clicking.

4. A Simple Popup Open

Are you against popups? When I see a popup on a blog that blocks me from accessing posts, I will subscribe. Popups can be a nuisance, especially if there are valuable baits. To exchange with your visitors, you need a strong headline and an excellent list bait (ebooks or software, templates, PLR products, membership, etc.).

This strategy will help you increase your subscribers. Ask me: Why did people subscribe to popups? Do you know that many pro loggers use this strategy to triple their email lists? I know an affiliate marketer whose list was increased by 450% using this strategy.

When someone subscribes via the popup option to your list, make sure you prepare your blog with helpful and jaw-dropping information. They will stay for more. Congratulations, they have found you attractive. Now, build a strong connection with them through follow-ups.


This is the most common mistake bloggers make. You’ve established a following and are receiving organic traffic from Google daily. How can you convert these responsive users?

Because you bought blog posts from articlemarket.org, the final article had a catchy title, and they clicked through your blog. They read the post intro (lede). You were clever enough to use bullet points, and now reading is enjoyable.

They were chewing your contents, nodding, and even going to the extreme to leave comments. They left the blog at the end of each day, went to another blog, and signed up. What did you lose?

Edit your single_post.php, and add an option link below the post. Every post on any authority blog has an active subscription box. To add HTML forms to your posts, you can use the free WordPress plugin and content.

6. Free Distribute Short Reports!

Distributing short reports freely is easier to build a list of email subscribers on autopilot. A short report must be concise and contain between 7 and 15 pages worth of well-written posts. These posts are meant to help readers, as well as the target audience, accomplish a feat.

This short report will be distributed without email addresses and social media shares. This campaign aims to get as many people to download it as possible and share it on their social networks.

Because people like convenience, it is likely that you will receive hundreds of downloads each day. You might be skeptical if you’re starting a blog. They might assume you are a spammer and wouldn’t respect your privacy.

Compile your top posts, most likely the most popular ones, and create a report. In the contents, embed your squeeze page URL. Ask recipients to pass it on or sell it at an agreed price. You can embed your blog and landing page URLs in visible places. Now, relax and watch your subscriber list grow by three per week.

Can You Do it?

If you enjoyed the post, please do me a favor by taking action now and building your email lists. Email marketing is vital and much more important than thousands upon thousands of comments, likes on Facebook, and tweets. Until you have the readers in your email list, they are still strangers. It’s challenging to make a living with strangers.

Make sure you know your priorities and only focus on what matters. Grow your business by building an email list. We’re looking forward to seeing you at the top!

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khanhttps://manhwa18.co.uk/
Uneeb Khan CEO at blogili.com. Have 4 years of experience in the websites field. Uneeb Khan is the premier and most trustworthy informer for technology, telecom, business, auto news, games review in World.

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