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5 Types of software documentation you need for your next project

Software documentation provides critical information about a software program to those involved in its development and usage. It plays an integral role in the success of any type of software. Without proper documentation, it becomes almost impossible to create, deploy or use the software. Here are some essential software documentation types you need for your next project.

One of the most important types of software documentation that you need for your next project is product documentation. This is a documentation type that explains the type of product that is being developed. Every software product needs a description to explain to the various parties involved what the product does, how it was developed and how to use it. It describes the core concept of the product and its various parts. This would include the design and architecture of the software. The software’s source code is also a part of the product documentation, along with the help guide. This documentation is helpful for everyone, including the developers, the company and the end-user. 

Kristi Smith, Honest Brand Reviews

The only type of software documentation you would need for your next big project is End-User Instructions.  This particular type of software is designed for the active users of the application. They do not include any over-the-top technical jargon and instead, direct information is provided from the user’s perspective. The documents made for such consumers are filled with information on how to deal with any complications regarding the product. One of the best aspects of the document is the FAQ section, followed by tutorial guides that can make the service/product easier to manage. My favorite feature of End-User Instructions is the inclusion of feature descriptions.

Susan Gagnon, Costumes Heaven

Process documentation is one of the best types of software documentation needed for your next project. It consists of all your company’s software’s maintenance and development records. Companies can develop process documentation when they come up with the first design and concept and continue to add important data at each step. Process documentation ensures that your team remains informed and helps everyone understand their roles. As a result, providing clarity and consistency regarding how to finish tasks and helping teams successfully accomplish all project goals. 

Paul Mallory, ConsumerGravity

System documentation is one of the most important types of documentation for your next project. This report is important to keep an eye on the development, operation and maintenance to generate a concise account for stakeholders and investors. These documentations make it easier for software engineers and developers to evaluate the progress of the program. It also allows them to ask the supervisors for deadline extensions after providing them with a detailed report. They can also present a summary of the product description consisting of the features, functionality, and target audience. You can further add stats and figures to support your stance to investors. 

Alan Duncan, Solar Panels Network

One of the most important software documentation you need for your next project is scheduling documentation. Once the project manager has laid down a plan for their project, it’s time to use specialized software to make an extensive schedule for themselves and their team. Without scheduling documentation, it’s almost impossible to keep everyone on track regarding where the project is headed. This documentation enables the team to proceed with their work with consistent goals in mind.

Amira Irfan, A Self Guru

Planning documentation is the type of software documentation you would need for your next project. It provides guidelines regarding how to pursue the project and what metrics to keep in mind. Planning documentation allows for transparency as team members could see the development made on a respective project. The report should consist of the problem statement, the development approach, and leadership roles.  This would allow team members to keep track of their deliverables and make strides to improve them accordingly. Team members can then improve their productivity, reducing the project’s turnaround time. 

Amy Wampler, Spartan Mechanical

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