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Are Online Approaches for Loan EMI Payments Trustworthy?

The loan industry has multiplied both domestically and globally. The range of loan choices on the market is enormous, from starting a business or buying a piece of property to acquiring a vehicle or an electronics item. People might greatly benefit from loans during difficult financial times. You can get loans easily from trusted finances like Indiabulls personal loan payment.

Online and Offline Loans

There are two ways to apply for a loan. One is the conventional method, where you visit a bank or other financial institution, speak with a representative, choose the product you would like to use, and then submit an application for the specific loan. 

The alternative strategy is more technologically advanced and practical and is being employed more frequently. This method involves applying for a loan online. Here, you can use your laptop or phone to research loan products, identify legitimate businesses that sell them, analyze the terms of the loan offered by various vendors, and then decide which provider and credit to pursue after your research. The payment is also online, which makes it even easier and effortless. Moreover, with many excellent loan providers like Indiabulls personal loan payment, the whole process has become very convenient. 

Ways to Pay EMI Online

  1. NEFT or Bank Transfer

The Reserve Bank of India introduced the NEFT online money transfer method (RBI). As a result, money is readily transferred between banks all around India. However, a consumer cannot transfer money to a third party unless the bank branch is NEFT-enabled.

2. Credit or Debit Cards

You can directly access your credit card’s online banking account to transfer money. The fees associated with moving money from a credit or debit card to a bank vary from bank to bank.

3. Mobile wallets 

You can transfer funds to a mobile wallet online or by linking your debit or credit card details on a mobile device. You can pay with your mobile, tablet, or smartwatch instead of a traditional credit card while making transactions. MobiKwik is such a digital wallet where your digital cash is saved in your mobile wallet. Most banks and certain private businesses offer E-wallets.


Can Online EMI Payments Be Trusted?

The amount of time and effort saved by using the internet to pay utility, phone, credit card, insurance, and other providers is significant. Additionally, it is an easy and practical approach. However, there are risks involved with if you have not chosen the right payment service provider for making online loan EMI payment, so you must be cautious and select trusted service providers like MobiKwik.

How Do Online Payments Work?

  • The tech that enables customers and companies to make and receive contactless payments is called near-field communication, or NFC. 
  • NFC technology links your smartphone and a POS terminal when you make a contactless payment. Payment information is transmitted from the smartphone to the receiver via connected radio frequency identification. When the user has verified their identity with a pin or fingerprint, money is paid from the account. Like with conventional credit card processing, tokenization is used to substitute sensitive data rather than taking any information directly from the card belonging to the cardholder.
  • With the use of a technique called tokenization, mobile payments can be effectively promoted while sensitive consumer data is secured from cyberattacks and other security risks.
  • Device-specific cryptogram technology confirms that a payment was made with a mobile device belonging to the cardholder. The cryptogram delivered with the token to a POS terminal cannot be utilized on another mobile device because it is specific to the original. Therefore, even if a hacker successfully obtained data during a digital payment transaction, it could not be used on another transaction.
  • Two-factor authentication, also called “2FA,” authenticates users using two different forms of identification. It can include a password, a credit card, a phone number, and a biometric feature like voice, facial, or fingerprint recognition.


All these factors make online EMI payments safe and secure. Taking simple and necessary precautions will guarantee the safety of your account in online loan EMI payment. Be careful of the Fraud brought on by using unsafe websites or apps to make payments. Stay away from emails that drive you to fake websites created to steal your payment card information. When you select the appropriate payment service, online bill paying is secure.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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