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5 Tips on Preserving Wood Polish

Don’t you just love the smooth and shiny appearance of newly installed hardwood floors? Unfortunately, these glistening floors can lose their luster over time, becoming dull and dreary. 

A dull hardwood flooring can make your overall interior look old, which is why dustless refinishing services are essential. Understanding the reasons that wear off the wood polish can help you maintain the original look of hardwood floors for long. Continue reading this blog to learn what destroys hardwood finishing and what you can do to preserve wood polish! 

Factors that Wear Off Wood Polish  

  1. Heavy Foot Traffic 

Foot traffic is one of the major factors that spoil a hardwood floor’s original glossy finish. However, it’s understandable that heavy foot traffic is inevitable in commercial places or buildings that receive several visitors.

Gunk and dirt from people’s shoes can damage your hardwood flooring severely. People walk around your refinished hardwood floors, leaving behind debris and dirt on the smooth surface. Some of this dirt enters the cervices between the floorboards, making it impossible for you to clean. Furthermore, individuals who drag their feet while walking can also leave countless scratches on your hardwood flooring, wearing off its wood polish. In this context, the more foot traffic, the sooner a floor would lose its luster. 

  1. Heavy Furniture

Hardwood floor refinishing services can make your interior unique and stylish. Similarly, choosing the right type of furniture is crucial to maintaining your interior’s integrity.

Heavy furniture is another factor that may spoil your floor polish. Couches, dining tables, bookshelves, bedroom sets, etc., that you place on your hardwood floors can leave permanent scratches and dents behind. Dragging chairs or tables around the hardwood floor every time you wish to rearrange your space can also affect your wood polish. 

  1. Harsh Cleaning Products 
man in gray hoodie and blue denim jeans standing on brown wooden parquet flooring

Cleaning your hardwood floors regularly is important. However, be cautious of the floor cleaning products you use. Harsh chemicals and bleach can wear off wood polish like nothing else. 

Avoid buying the first floor-cleaning product you see on a shop shelf. Read its ingredients and ensure it doesn’t contain bleach. You should also ensure not to wipe your floors with entirely wet mops as that can cost you the lustrous finish of your hardwood floor.

Tips to Preserve Wood Polish 

If your hardwood flooring has lost its shine, these low-cost and simple tips can help you restore its beauty! Here’s how you can preserve your hardwood floor polish:

  1. Floor Sealants 

Water damage is one common reason for the wood polish to wear off. In this context, a sealant will protect your hardwood floor from water damage. Sealants are polyurethane or waxing materials that protect your floor from moisture. It will make your hardwood floor completely water-resistant. This protective layer will limit spill damage and allow you to clean it easily. Hardwood that isn’t affected by water will retain its shine for an extended period. 

  1. Deep- Cleaning  

The term “deep cleaning” refers to a focused cleaning approach that targets unreachable areas that you are likely to miss during regular cleaning. Deep cleaning is used to loosen and remove the dirt accumulated between the hardwood planks. It restores your flooring’s original luster and promotes a healthier indoor living environment.       

  1. Treat Scratches
gray couch on brown wooden parquet flooring


You can hide minor scratches by preparing a simple solution—mix lemon juice with 2 cups of canola oil. Brush the mixture onto faded or scratched areas. The oil will darken the area, whereas the lemon will fill a fresh scent in the room. This mixture works well as any store-bought solution. It restores your hardwood floor’s original luster and beauty in no time! 

The only drawback to this tip is that it can only be used to cover or hide minor stains and scratches. You’ll need a better solution to treat a larger area.  

  1. Use Mats 

You may want to use mats or rugs if you have frequent visitors at your place. Mats will protect your hardwood flooring from accumulating dirt and prevent it from water damage. Therefore, use mats throughout the house to cover your hardwood flooring and protect it from water damage. 

  1. Opt for Dustless Refinishing Services 

Sanding and refinishing services will restore your hardwood floor’s appeal and protect it from further damage. A surface finish protects floors from regular wear and tear, making them resistant to scratches and stains. Refinishing services might seem expensive, but they’ll save you money in the long run! 

If you wish to avail dustless refinishing in Bellevue, contact Five Star Hardwood Floors. Their experts offer excellent flooring services in Kirkland, Redmond, and other areas. Call them today to get a free quote!  

About the Author 

This blog’s author is a realtor currently associated with Five Star Hardwood Floors in Seattle. She loves to write about how property owners can boost their property value by maintaining their interior design properly! 

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