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Healthiest Picks in the Blaze Pizza Menu

Blaze Pizza is one of the fastest-growing pizza chain restaurants today, with booming sales and continuous expansion of their locations. They’re famous for their great bundle deals, and you have lots of “build your own” options for pizzas and salads. Most pizzas can be had for around $10. The folks at Blaze Pizza are determined in making their home-made dough fresh each day, and they don’t go for artificial ingredients. 

Compared to many other pizza parlors out there, Blaze Pizza is actually a healthy option. Of course, it all depends on what you’re getting. If you’re sticking to the premade items, that’s not too bad if you stick to the following choices: 

Red Vine Pizza (Large or 11-inch)

If you’re determined to go with the large pizza, then Red Vine is a great choice. It’s lower in calories, fat, and sodium than many of the other options. It’s a non-meat pizza that also great with vegetarians, while the red sauce and the cherry tomatoes gets you a dose of the lycopene antioxidant. 

With the large pizza, each slice gets you only 200 calories, 2.5g of saturated fat, and 370mg of sodium. and you’re also getting 8g of protein, which is not bad for a non-meat pizza. 

With the 11-inch slice, you reduce the intake to just 110 calories, 1.5g of saturated fat, and 200mg of sodium, along with 5g of protein. 

If it’s possible, ask that they put in the ovalini mozzarella cheese to replace the traditional shredded cheese. That still gives you the yummy cheese flavor, but you’re still able to reduce the calories and fat content. 

Green Stripe Pizza (Large)

If you want some meat on your pizza, then this is one option for you. You get grilled chicken that’s mainly responsible for the 11g of protein you get with each slice, plus plenty of veggies. You’re getting 240 calories for each large slice, while the added chopped garlic keep things flavorful and also gives you a nice amount of anti-inflammatory antioxidants. 

You only get 3.5g of saturated fat per large slice, though the 500mg of sodium with each slice can be a bit problematic if you eat a lot of slices. 

Keto Pizza (11-inch)

Stick to only a couple of slices of this pizza, and you should be okay. This is the pizza that might be permissible even if you have diabetes issues. 

As the name of the keto pizza hints at, this only gets you 4g of carbs per slice. And that comes with just 150 calories per 11-inch slice, along with 4g of saturated fat, 280mg of sodium, and 14g of protein. Even with 2 slices of this pizza, you shouldn’t have any trouble with your nutritionist. And you’re getting a lot of veggies and protein as well. 

Classic Greek Salad

In the salad section, this is among your healthiest choices. You’re getting healthy fats with the oil and Kalamata olives, along with lots of vegetables. And it only comes with 310 calories. 

This comes with 5g of saturated fat, but you can reduce that by reducing the cheese amount. It only comes with 6g of protein, but you can balance the meal by adding some grilled chicken. The sodium level is a bit high at 910mg, but you can get less salt by taking out the olives. 

S’mores Pie for Dessert

Plenty of dieticians might tell you that you’re probably better off not having any dessert at all if you’re eating at a fast-food or fast-casual restaurant. But if you’re craving for something sweet to round of your Blaze Pizza experience, then there’s nothing better than the S’mores Pie. 

First off, it’s low in both fat and sugar compared to the other dessert options. You only get 9g of fat with 3g of saturated fat, along with 11g of sugar. You also get just 200 calories and merely 160mg of sodium. 

These stats aren’t all that bad, considering that you’re getting a rich, chocolatey dessert that looks like a cookie sandwich. 

Final Words

As always, when you’re at any restaurant (fast-food or otherwise), one of the basic rules is to watch your portions. The pizzas here are good, but not if you’re eating an entire pizza pie all by your lonesome. A couple of slices should suffice. 

Also, if you’re building your own pizza, stick to the obviously healthy toppings. Go with lots of vegetables instead of lots of meat. And if you’re adding some meat to boost the protein content, go with grilled chicken instead. This is true for both pizzas and salads. 

Take the time to savor each bite. This doesn’t just help you appreciate the great taste of these menu items, but it keeps you from gorging yourself before your brain understands that you’re already full. Take sips of water after each bite, and you should be fine! 

Educational Review of Blaze KETO Pizza (+ How to Choose the Healthiest Toppings) 

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