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5 Things to Think About When Choosing Toddler Toys

Are you planning to get your toddler boy or girl a new bunch of toys? Here are five basic questions you must ask yourself.

Is it Age Appropriate?

Making sure you get a toy that is age-appropriate might be the most important thing you’d do. Isn’t it the first thing you would look at when you pick up a toy from the shelves at a toy store? Almost all toys today are designed in such a way that children don’t only enjoy and have fun, but learn and develop in one or more ways.

Every toy at the toy store has ages specified on the box/package which indicates that it is designed focused on the skill development of the specified age. The safety aspect comes into play, too. Toys designed for a specific age are completely safe for the specified age range and above.

How Safe are They to Play With?

As mentioned above, age appropriateness and safety go hand in hand when it comes to toys. When you pick a toy that is meant for a 2-year-old, it means your two-year-old can use it without risk. Nevertheless, as parents, you would still make sure you examine every toy carefully before you can hand it to your toddler. Ideally, you will see that there are no small parts and pieces that could not just be choking hazards. You may also hurt them by scratching and bruising their skin for instance, or, poking them in the eye.

Secondly, It is best if you could choose toys made from Safe, nontoxic, eco-friendly material. You would not have to worry about your little one’s help no matter how much it would rub on his skin or how many times he licks or chews on it. Toy weight is a concern, too. Anything that can hurt your toddler when it falls on his feet or when he hits his head or hand on it should be avoided.

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Are they Stimulating

A carefully designed toy will stimulate one or more of your toddler’s senses, resulting in learning and development. The best of the kind can be quite pricey; however, they sure will be a worthy investment because what more would you want for a child at this point? Look for the best quality toys Australia offers to smart kids, boys and girls, and check out their stores – physical or online!

Is it Different from What He/she Already Has?

Always try to introduce your toddler to toys that will offer them a new experience. Avoid getting too many similar-looking toys, or those that offer them similar experiences. Toys are a great way to expose your little ones to a variety of shapes, colors, textures, and sounds. Thus, make sure every new toy you choose will teach them something new.

Are They Simple?

Simple toys are recommended for toddlers. They are at a stage where they observe explore things in small ways. New colors, sounds, shapes, and textures are the things that they notice and so. It is best to get toys that have too much detail, parts, and pieces. Simple toys are likely to last longer, too. You won’t have to worry about them being tossed and flung around a million times!

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