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5 Reasons Why You Should Go Beyond And Hire A General Contractor For Your Big Home Renovation Project

Are you debating whether to hire a general contractor or a specialist for your remodeling project in Redwood City, CA? Well, you’re on board now. Larger remodeling tasks may be challenging, expensive, and time-consuming. And occasionally, even a skilled remodeler could struggle if the job is too big for him to undertake alone. It may be your best decision to hire  a competent general contractor to handle your entire project efficiently when you schedule a large-scale home renovation job, such as whole-house remodeling,

Home renovations can sometimes become overwhelming, especially when you identify yourself as a DIY enthusiast. Even if you are comfortable with power tools, you may have ambitious and sophisticated renovation plans that go well beyond your existing skill set. It’s time to employ a group of professionals to complete the job for you in this situation under the supervision of a seasoned general contractor.

A general contractor is a qualified individual whose responsibility is to oversee each step of a major remodeling project when it comes to a residential or commercial structure. A general contractor is also responsible for obtaining work permits, managing supply deliveries, and employing and arranging subcontractors, including carpenters, electricians, and plumbers. It’s undoubtedly a decent idea to engage a general contractor to handle everything for you if you are planning a turn-key home remodeling project.

Here are five benefits of working with a general contractor if you want to leave your home renovation project in the hands of experts in the industry:

1. Hiring a GC Will Save Your Time and Optimize Your Investments

Home remodeling tasks can be time taking and costly. Depending on the size of the project, as a conservative homeowner, you can compare quotes from multiple remodelers and opt for less expensive supplies and renovations. But when it comes to the accessibility of labor and other resources, you won’t have as much margin for error.

To ensure that tasks are carried out as close to the estimated completion date as possible, a general contractor takes the entire responsibility for project scheduling. Since subcontractors are usually managing numerous jobs in the area apart from yours, general contractors are accustomed to coordinating the principal task and supply deliveries around them.

A seasoned general contractor will keep a reserve fund on hand to use as required to ensure that all subcontractors are paid on schedule. It guarantees that nobody will consider leaving the job in the middle due to irregular payment of wages. It also guarantees that your project will go as planned.

2. Trust the Specialists with the Project Management

In addition to any home renovation projects you have undertaken, you probably also have other obligations and family commitments. It is always preferable to delegate project management responsibilities to a pro, especially if you are engaged in a challenging, multi-stage home remodeling project.

A general contractor has proven expertise in handling multiple responsibilities, such as hiring subcontractors and scheduling material deliveries. Even though a large portion of your home will be covered in drop cloths, it will create a much more straightforward condition for you to resume your daily activities.

You will, of course, be kept up to date on everything by your GC. The general contractor will serve as your primary point of contact, saving you from having to coordinate with several workers and suppliers and ensuring that you always receive the updates on the status of the project.

3. Utilize the Benefits of Long-Standing Collaborations

A general contractor with several years of expertise will probably have solid working relationships with a bulk of local suppliers and subcontractors. It’s a pleasant surprise for the homeowner. The general contractor has deep bonding with suppliers and subcontractors due to his professional compulsions. He knows and trusts them due to the frequent positive interactions with them in the past.

It, therefore, indicates, among other things, that you can also rely on those suppliers and subcontractors. In the home improvement market, reputation is the key, and everyone prefers to work with people who are known for upholding their promises, from suppliers to subcontractors to general contractors.

These solid connections could also raise your chances of a better deal, especially if it implies that a GC will require the services of suppliers and subcontractors in future projects. General contractors are in a position to negotiate lower prices for both labor and suppliers due to their past relationship. An honest and competent general contractor and a comfortable working environment are positive signs for the timely completion of your big project.

4. Brings Peace of Mind

A general contractor bears the majority of the risk and accountability that are relevant to home renovation projects. Homeowners need to confirm whether their general contractors are licensed and insured. They must also ensure that everyone else GCs are hiring will be properly covered as well.

You want to be sure that every person and everything on your property is protected by worker’s compensation and liability insurance because accidents just on the job site might occasionally harm employees and damage your property. An experienced general contractor also understands how to adhere to all local codes and will make sure that the subcontractors follow the same.

It promises that the ongoing project will obtain the essential permissions and clear a future house inspection. Property owners may be confident that the project is being executed efficiently without resorting to shortcuts that might later prove to be costly or even fatal.

5. Finish the Job Once For All and Do It Right

When DIY home repair tasks are successfully finished, Homeowners get a profound sense of accomplishment. However, there would be a great disappointment if the project didn’t succeed or was left unfinished. DIY projects are virtually a makeshift arrangement, and taking on hazardous activities or ones that need more skill or equipment than you have demands the appointment of a reputable general contractor. Always go with a qualified crew of home remodelers to guarantee that a task is done correctly.

Their genuine value stems from the fact that they have performed several similar tasks over the years, giving them a wealth of knowledge that enables them to complete tasks better and more promptly than inexperienced DIYers.

If you are planning to start a home improvement project and discover that you need to engage a professional to finish it, be aware that it may cost you a lot more to correct your DIY mistakes than hiring a general contractor to do the job. When it comes to home renovation tasks, time is money. A general contractor can help save your hard-earned money.

However, aside from keeping an eye on your finances as a homeowner, you can gain from a general contractor’s expertise in managing and executing numerous works that are similar to the past. A seasoned general contractor has been through all and done it several times, while you might not know how to handle each step of a multistage remodeling or restoration job. Simply take pleasure in the outcomes at this point.


These pointers will immensely help you perform an effective whole-home remodeling in Redwood City with the support of a skilled and experienced general contractor like Davidson Remodeling. You can book a free consultation with us or give us a call to gather more detailed information about your project.

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