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5 Practical Home Remodeling Ideas

Homeowners’ demands and preferences for their private spaces change with passing time. For instance, a couple in Milpitas, CA, may discover they require additional space once they decide to become parents. By making optimum use of the existing space, they can expand their current home in one of the simplest ways possible. Homeowners might be able to remodel their attic, basement, or garage at a reasonable cost, provided they hire the best Milpitas general contractor, like Barnes Remodeling.

Avoid selling your current apartment and acquire a new property. You can maximize the utilization of empty spaces in your house to add to your living area. Here are a few home improvement suggestions that will provide you with extra space and comfort in your house:

1. Attic Restoration

Does your Milpitas home have a vacant attic? Why not convert it into a comfortable and fashionable living space? Your house can gain a completely new level. If you require an extra bedroom, you can utilize the space to build a cozy bedroom with an attached bath. Also, you might opt for a home office, a study, a home theatre, and so on.

2. A Garage Conversion

Do you use the garage occasionally? Is it a facility to store trash? A wonderful approach to expanding your home is by remodeling the garage. You may convert it into your new man cave or install a guest bedroom. Your loved one may use it as an office as well. As an alternative, you may consider building an extension to make room for a new and compact dwelling unit above the garage.

3. Basement Conversion

It’s a common practice to keep old furniture and broken appliances in your basement. An unused basement space can have a new look if you hire a reputable home remodeling professional. Think about using the basement for a range of purposes, such as a kids’ play room, a granny apartment for your aging parents or a rental unit to generate surplus income.

4. Utilize the Space beneath the Stairs

Don’t miss this opportunity to use the extra space under the staircase. Create a cozy nook by adding some shelves to showcase your books and music collection. You can even build your wonderful covert reading corner in a little room that was once your childhood inspiration.

5. Upgrade Your Kitchen Island

You get more counter and storage space and plenty of seating possibilities with a modified kitchen island. Making the kitchen into a mini bar with racks above the counter with appropriate shelves for drinking glasses and storage areas underneath is a way to improve the kitchen’s decor. To ensure complete functionality, be sure to install more electrical outlets on the kitchen island. The backsplash may comprise patterns as well, which will give the space an impressive texture. You might consider painting your kitchen cabinets as a quick solution.


Always keep the future in mind if you consider expanding your home. It is not a short-term remodeling project like painting the walls or replacing the kitchen cabinets. Before making a choice, look into the need for additional space if your family will soon be expanding. Hire a qualified local contractor in Milpitas, like Barnes Remodeling, for house renovation once you’ve reached a consensus with the adult family members. The technical team will assist you in making a sensible decision and turning an empty room into a usable living arrangement.

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