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5 Must-Haves For Any Kids Bedroom

As you grew up, it is likely that you redesigned your bedroom every few years or so. This means that when it comes to designing your child’s bedroom, or your children’s bedrooms, you may be stuck for ideas, as it has been a few years since you were a kid!

Of course, your child’s bedroom will need to have storage areas for clothing and, of course, toys. But what else should be included in the standard must-haves for any child’s bedroom?

Here are five must-have items for any child’s bedroom who is under the age of 10. If your child has physical mobility issues, then these may need minor adaptations to be made to them.

  • Seating Area

The first thing that any child’s bedroom needs to have is a seating area. This is somewhere where they can sit and relax after a tough day at school or even just to read a book. How do you make a seating area fun for a child? Introduce bean bags! Even a bean bag sofa can make a welcome addition to any child’s room and also make it fun for them to move around on as they read or engage in other activities.

  • Books!

There is a saying that if you want your children to read, you need to normalize books in your home. While there are Kindles and other online options, you can never really get better than the real thing. So, in your child’s bedroom, you should have an area where there are some paper books that are age-appropriate for them to read. Also, aim to normalize reading time with them. You could even sit in their room with them reading your book while they read theirs.

  • Arts and Crafts Table

If you have a child who is into arts and crafts, then you need to get them an arts and crafts table, which can simply be a desk that has paint, crayons, chalk pastels, pencils, and felt tips, with, of course, paper not far from this setup! If you want to upgrade this a bit, you can get draws that can contain stickers, cards, and other pieces of craft material. This can help to spark their imagination and, of course, keep them interested in something besides TV or their iPad.

  • Child Proof Items

You should not underestimate how easy it is for children of any age to get themselves into dangerous situations. So you may need to have some childproof items in their bedrooms, such as plug socket guards, which they cannot remove as well as potentially corner guards which can protect them from walking into sharp edges of drawers or tables.

  • Low Furniture

It’s easy to forget how hard it can be to reach things on top shelves when you are a child. You will need to ensure that all of the furniture in their room is accessible to them so that they can reach the top shelf without having to stand or tiptoe, which could cause the furniture to topple over and cause injury.

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