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5 Cool Car Gadgets To Spice Up Your Ride

Ladies and gentlemen, buckle up if you’re ready to hear about how you can make your road trip 10x more exciting.

Whether you enjoy driving solo or love screaming lyrics of your favorite songs with your friends during long road trips, you can enhance that experience in different ways.

Installing cool car gadgets is one of the great methods you can do to spice up your driving experience. From GPS devices to LED car lights, there’s a variety of innovative gadgets you can choose from.

Some car accessories improve your vehicle’s performance, while others are merely for aesthetic reasons.

Here’s a list of creative car accessories you didn’t know you needed!

If you’re interested in upgrading your car to a better one, we offer the finest car trade in Dubai that will assist you in fulfilling your car needs.

1.    Carpet Spot Remover

Imagine this- Today is date night, and you’re supposed to pick up your date a few hours ahead. You get a fresh shave, put on your finest suit, and spray your expensive perfume just before getting into your newly-cleaned car. While you’re on your way, sipping that quick coffee, you take a sharp turn and spill the coffee all over the passenger seat. You panic. How are you supposed to remove that stain before picking her up?

Well, worry not, my friend, because carpet spot removers have got you covered. Their chemicals effectively remove stains from all kinds of upholstery- except leather.

2.    A Set of Car Hooks

It’s time to organize your life, starting with your car.

Like any other person, you must be tired of groceries rolling out of your bags every time you take a turn. It’s even more frustrating when they roll under the car seats and get covered with 10 pounds of dust.

You can finally get rid of the hassle by installing some car hooks! You might’ve never thought they’d be useful, but trust me, once you get them, there’s no going back!

Not only could you use them to hang plastic bags, but also to hang jackets, purses, and handbags!

3.    Auto Hybrid Coffee Maker

If you’re a coffee enthusiast just like me, your day doesn’t start without coffee.

Instead of pulling your car over to order a takeaway coffee while you’re already late for work, you can enjoy your morning coffee with just a press!

You’re only a button away from enjoying barista-quality coffee whilst driving with your favorite song playing. With the Auto Hybrid Coffee Maker, there’s no excuse for you to arrive late to work anymore!

Plugged into a cigarette lighter, your coffee will be ready in just about 2 mins. It’s also small enough to fit in the cupholder.

4.    Cooluli Cooler & Warmer

Tired of the beverages warming up during long rides in summer?

With Cooluli Electric Cooler & Warmer, you never have to worry about food spoiling or ice melting. This mini fridge is ideal for camping and long road trips, as it refrigerates your food and drinks and keeps them cool throughout the journey.

It’s not only a cooler, but it also functions as a heater! It switches from cooling to heating, allowing you to store stuff that requires a warm temperature.

With room for 12 cans of soda, this mini fridge is small enough to be placed on the armrest, making it space-efficient. Just like the auto hybrid coffee maker, you need to plug it into a cigarette lighter.

5.     Skycamp Rooftop Tent

Are you a fan of camping in the wild? If yes, then this rooftop tent is perfect for you.

Wherever your adventures take you, you can always pull over and pitch up the Skycamp rooftop tent on top of your car’s roof.

In just 2 minutes, its innovative design allows you to install the expandable tent, making it fantastic to rest under it and watch the stars with your friends and family.

The more gadgets you install for your car, the more value it will have. You can get a car valuation in Dubai if you’re interested in knowing your car’s value.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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