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5 Best Gaming Phones Under 25000 in India

India’s esports industry is currently flourishing. It would help if you had a smartphone with a strong battery and outstanding performance for a satisfying gaming experience. Not everyone can afford phones that cost at least INR 40,000. At this price point, the industry offers phones explicitly designed for gaming.

However, several great smartphone selections can deliver a pleasant gaming experience if you have a budget of INR 25,000. Therefore, today’s topic will be the top gaming mobile phone under 25,000.

5 Best Gaming Phones under 25000

1)   OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G

With its latest lineup updates, OnePlus hasn’t exactly won over its loyal following. Many have complained that the quality of OnePlus’s latest phones isn’t up to par with previous models. However, even at this pricing point, the OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G is the best phone under 25000 in India for gaming lovers.

Every online game looks and functions its best on the phone, thanks to the excellent Fluid AMOLED display and MediaTek Dimensity 900 CPU. Neither battery life nor touch sensitivity will be a problem for you. The gaming capabilities of this phone are underappreciated.

2)   Xiaomi Mi 10i

This India-only model may be one of the greatest mid-range smartphones available right now. Along with the gorgeous design and top-tier camera on the gadget, you also get the powerful Snapdragon 750 SoC. The phone excels at gaming because of this chipset.

Games like Call of Duty: Mobile should play nicely on High settings with the Xiaomi Mi 10i. The phone’s dual speakers also make the gaming experience considerably more immersive than other phones in this price range.

3)   iQOO Z6 Pro 5G

Although iQOO is a relatively new brand in the Indian smartphone industry, its goods have already begun to gain attention. The iQOO Z6 Pro 5G is one of the items that has quickly gained popularity in the under 25,000 price bracket. The Snapdragon 778G SoC is a powerful CPU that powers this powerful phone.

This phone will easily handle any graphically demanding game you throw at it. With its internal vapor cooling chamber, gaming on this phone won’t ever be a problem. Additionally, this will guarantee that you may play video games for lengthy periods without worrying about heat buildup.

4)   Samsung M52 5G

As one of the tiniest smartphones in this price category, the Samsung M52 5G has a 7.4mm thickness. Thanks to the Snapdragon 778G chip inside, it’s among the quickest mid-range smartphones from Samsung. The phone’s superior gaming capabilities aren’t due to this, though. It will almost immediately be the phone’s display that catches your eye.

This Samsung phone has a Super AMOLED Plus screen with one of the most exquisite color reproductions you’ll ever see in a smartphone. The M52 5G is one of the best gaming mobile phones under 25,000 because it combines these two features to make gaming a completely immersive experience.

5)   Realme 8 Pro

One of Realme’s key advantages has always been its simple, modern looks. The Realme 8 Pro’s stunning gradient back is no different in this regard. Even though this phone doesn’t have a powerful CPU like the Snapdragon 778G, the Snapdragon 720G is still relatively good for gaming.

Playing graphically demanding mobile games like Apex Legends Mobile and Call of Duty: Mobile shouldn’t cause any issues because of this processor’s powerful pairing with the Adreno 618 GPU. You won’t have any cause to complain about the phone’s performance. GuideByTips (another popular blog) has also included this phone in its blog post on the topic: 10 Best Mobile Phone Under 25000 in India.


To provide you with various alternatives when looking for your next gaming smartphone, we’ve tried to cover a range of brands and pricing points. Several of these phones feature outstanding screens and powerful CPUs for gaming in the upcoming years.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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